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    Energetic Currency: How are you spending it?

    Did you know that your Energy is a form of currency? Currency in its simplest definition is a means of exchange, trading one thing for another.  This exchange can include time, service, product or even an exchange of energy.  Energy isn’t just “vibes”, gut feelings or intuitions.  Our overall energy is a reflection of where we spend our time + efforts.  As we continue to ease into 2021, now is the perfect time to reflect and evaluate how we’ve spent our energy over the last few months. Evaluation + Reflection Let’s face it, energy has the ability to be influenced and manipulated by factors outside of self. It can be intensified or depleted, so…

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    5 Immune System Boosters

    By now you know I love🥰 a good reminder to dig a little deeper when it comes to self-care + pouring back into the proverbial cup all while being the best versions of ourselves.  I was reminded the other day that self-care is very much maintenance of the self.  The same way we “tune” up our spaces at home by cleaning up or taking our cars to the mechanic for that routine oil change. Self-care and wellbeing isn’t just an action you do when something is wrong but it is all about those tiny steps we take in-between. Self-care + maintenance is making sure we are taking the steps that…

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    3 Self Care Tips to Help Manage Stress

    By now we all know that stress is something that we do NOT want, and is something we should avoid whenever possible. Continuous stress can cause issues within the body like high blood pressure, sleep inconsistencies, heart disease + if left untreated can compromise a healthy immune system. This is important right now as we continue to take steps to build our bodies immune system to fight against infection and disease.   It is really in our best interest to take the steps necessary to decrease stress when we can. Now while there isn’t a way to eliminate all stress because it is a part of life, there are things…

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    Whats Eating You? Gut Health

    During this time of year we start talking all things’ health; mental health, physical health, spiritual health and so forth.  There may even be a conversation or two about changing the way we eat by removing or adding somethings to our everyday diet. Now while this particular conversation may come with a little bit of uneasiness depending on your relationship with food there is some significant importance surrounding gut health. Essentially gut health is how well our insides, bacteria + enzymes function in the digestive tract.  This is a big deal because if food isn’t broken down properly, then the nutrients we need can not be absorbed in the blood…

  • celebrate 2021
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    Permission to Celebrate 2021

    Seems like it has been 100 years since the last time we were ringing in a New Year and yet it was just 365 days ago. This time last year I made a conscious decision to “Opt Out” of New Years and all the vision boards, goal mapping and “this gon’ be my year“, mentality.  Truth be told, I was tired lol and I was being “called” to make space in my life to begin living outside of just  checking things off of a list.  What I didn’t know then, that I can clearly see now is I already knew what I needed for this upcoming season in my life,…

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    An Invitation to Take Inventory

    The last 3 days have been all about Gratitude (over on my IG feed) + if you are a part of the 4 Days of Gratitude newsletter series!  In this short time, Ive learned 1 important thing. The easiest way to tap into inner joy is through gratitude.  Something as simple as finding gratefulness in the small every day moments can cultivate an environment of abundance and presence.   It is very easy to get caught up in all the things happening around us as we continue to maneuver life in this “new” normal. Things may not look how we may have pictured they would look this time last year…

  • finding gratitude
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    4 Pillars of Gratitude

    Tis’ the season🥳!  We are officially 2 weeks and 6 days away from saying farewell to 2020 + welcoming 2021 and all its possibilities.  Being this close to the end of the year feels different this go round.  I know I’m not the only one that feels like this has both been the LONGEST year ever + feeling like where did 2020 even go😅? During this time of year, I like to dig deep and go heavy on my gratitude.  Making room for gratitude is an important aspect of my self-care rituals. My gratitude practice keeps me in check. Reminds me to not just see the big picture, but to have a…

  • changes
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    Taking a Pause for Change

    Over the last few weeks, if you are subscribed to either my email list or happen to follow me on Instagram you may recall me mentioning some changes within my business. In the event that we are NOT connected through either of those methods the short of the long of it is, my business is CHANGING. Change can be scary and it can also be the thing that helps pushes you to the next level. 2020 has been a catalyst for me in alot of ways. It has made me face things, reflect + truly look at myself and the life I was living. 2020 has called for me to…

  • mental health
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    Protecting Mental Health in a Digital World

    This upcoming Saturday (Oct 10th) is World Mental Health day. And while I am all for Mental Health awareness EVERYDAY, I thought it would be a great idea to offer a few tips to help protect your mental health + energy during these virtual times. Right now businesses both big + small are coming to the same conclusion. That an online presence is a must at this point. Whether you are working for yourself. Someone else or even a combination of the two, you may have noticed the increase in the demand to stay connected. Connected These last few months we have seen it all, influx for digital content, virtual…

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    4 Hacks to Make Healthy Food Tasty

    We have spent the last few months really pouring back into ourselves both inside and out. We have done this through movement, healthy eating + pulling tools from our self-care toolkit when we need them.  Now that we are in the last quarter of the year this is not a time to let up off the gas.  Even more so than the beginning portion of the year these last few months can be a bit overwhelming with the Holidays, upcoming Elections, family gatherings and even that tinge of uncertainty that is still in the air. High Vibrations Now is a time for ALL of the hacks that help us maintain…

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