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Midday Energy Boosters

We are about 2 weeks + some change removed from daylights savings and I don’t know about you, but I am STILL adjusting to the time change. Im not sure if its the shift in seasons (hello Spring) or having a much looser schedule but Ive been hitting an energy wall at about 3pm every day.  There really hasnt been much change to my routine specifically since the start of the year so my only guess is Daylights savings, go figure.

Since I have been hitting this midday fatigue I have been taking extra steps to find ways to add more “pep” in my afternoon. While the goal is not to be asleep at 3pm, I also want to be able to sleep at night so avoiding unnecessary caffeine is always priority.

On my quest to find ways to stay awake during the day (yep this is my life now🤷🏾‍♀️) I was pleasantly surprised to find a few natural energy boosting additives to sprinkle into my afternoons that didn’t keep me up late at night.

Afternoon Dream Team

Herbal Tea

Whether you like your tea warm, hot or over ice herbal teas are a great way to boost energy + focus without overloading with caffeine. All teas are NOT created equal and there are specific ones for energy. Best Teas for Energy: Black, Green, Ginger, Chai and Peppermint Tea. Peppermint tea is currently my go to in the afternoons. It awakes the senses with its minty smell + is super refreshing as a mid-afternoon pick me up. Adding a sweetener like honey adds to the energy boost. Truth Moment: I’ve fallen hard into the ritual that is herbal tea. Once you go loose leaf tea, there is no going back. You are welcome in advance.


You simply can not go wrong with a smoothie. There is no secret that you can actually add loads of nutrients + minerals into a smoothie for a quick way to boost up your nutrients. But did you know that you can get real intentional in the afternoon by adding a few energy boosting ingredients to take your smoothie to a whole new level? Healthy fats not only help you to stay and feel full but they also add great clean energy while providing blood sugar support. Best Healthy Fats for Energy: Coconut Oil, Avocado, Almond Butter, MCT oil

energy boosting herbal coffee

Herbal Coffee

Coffee but not.  I love a good cup of coffee but tend to steer pretty clear of it after 11am. Herbal coffee is a great alternative to regular coffee because of the blend of herbs that provide a crazy amount of nutrients coupled with amazing energy without the additional caffeine or caffeine crash.  Most brands have the same 4 base herb ingredients: Yerba Mate, dandelion leaves, chicory root and dandelion root.  Each one of these herbs provides different vitamins and minerals individually, but when put together they create a coffee that is in a league of its own.

The Go To’s

This week in the afternoons I’ve been alternating between the Herbal Tea and Herbal Coffee and have seen a noticeable difference. Last week this time, I kid you not I was sleep on the couch each day by 4pm but this week I’m able to stay awake the full day and go to bed at a decent time like a regular adult (its the little things). I definately do like the Smoothie mid afternoon but because its a cold beverage and we are still seeing the last of the coolish days here in NC, Im thinking this will be my new go to once we really warm up.

How have you been adjusting since Daylights Savings?

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