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Taking a Pause for Change

Over the last few weeks, if you are subscribed to either my email list or happen to follow me on Instagram you may recall me mentioning some changes within my business. In the event that we are NOT connected through either of those methods the short of the long of it is, my business is CHANGING.

Change can be scary and it can also be the thing that helps pushes you to the next level. 2020 has been a catalyst for me in alot of ways. It has made me face things, reflect + truly look at myself and the life I was living.

2020 has called for me to make alot of changes. Both internally and Externally. It has also put in perspective about this important work that I do and the people that I serve.

Now while I am extremely excited to share with you some of things that I have been working on as well as share my new offerings I need to be very transparent.

I am a one woman band lol. Each aspect of my business I have created + curated on my own. With lots of help from google and YouTube. Honestly, coding, embedding and all the things that make websites pretty and functional is new territory for me.

That being said you will notices some changes over the next few weeks. Gradual, because again Im figuring it out along the way. The blog itself “Sittin Crooked Talkin Straight” will remain and is a labor of love (dont worry). What will be added is my wellness business that has been a separate aspect of my life since the launch of my blog in 2019. It is time to put them both together under one beautiful Zen roof!!

So why am I telling you this?

Well Im all about transparency first and foremost + because I love this community so much I didnt want to just spring changes out of nowhere.

Over the next 2-3 weeks I will be bringing my vision to my corner of these innanets through some changes. Which means I will be taking a mini break from my weekly blog posts + newsletters while I merge my two worlds.

Also if you are not following me on IG or subscribed to my Newsletter, check me out. All business updates and news is share via newsletter 1st. Welp wanted to keep this short + sweet, Ive got changes to make so back to work I go!

See you in a few weeks!!

Love + Light


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