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    Mental Health + BIPOC

    There is no secret + no surprise that people of color are one of the largest underrepresented groups when it comes to mental health care. July is marked as mental health awareness month for Black, Indigenous, People of Color and this topic of health is right on time. July has been designated to amplify the major need that is very apparent in our communities in a hope to take away the stigmata surrounding mental health. The shift Mental health especially in communities of color isn’t normalized or discussed openly. There has always been bit of a stigmata surrounding health care professionals and seeking out counseling. This is largely due to…

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    Embrace Change in 7 Steps

    There is nothing more permanent in life except change. This idea is presented to us every single day in so many ways. Change is inevitable. Big or small, change could really not give two F’s on the when and the where. Embracing change is where the real work takes place. The thing about change is everyone is dealing with it all the time. Each and every one of us is coping with change at various degrees in our own individual lives. Whats super unique about right now is although we have ALWAYS gone through change collectively on our own. It is in these last few days that we all understand…

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    Optin’ out of Resolutions

    Gosh! It was like we had Thanksgiving and BAM! Snowball to the end of the year.  Seems like just a few weeks ago we were ringing in 2019 and here we are again gearing up to welcome 2020 with open arms. This time last year I was creating vision boards, making goals and mapping out how I would conquer 2019. I took all the steps, made sure my goals were realistic, prepped myself for success through researching both on and off the net. I crossed my T’s and dotted my I’s, you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t about to handle 2019 like a true boss! What I didn’t account for…

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    Guilt Cycle +Authentic Living

    You know what I miss most about being a child, other than the obvi (bills, food, no real responsibilities)? I miss letting sh*t go! As a kid I didnt dwell on mistakes that may have happened or things that I didnt do well. Pre- middle school, it was all Salior Moon, My Little Pony, Are you scared of the dark? + so forth. If something went wrong, I felt remorse, apologized and moved on. Humans are the only species that continue to pay for past transgressions or mistakes. Think about it, remember a time when you made some sort of mistake or miscalculation that you completely and 100% take accountability…

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