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Celebrating Wins

I left the house TWICE this week without my wallet + once without my keys (I took my hubs)🤷🏾‍♀️. I let a cantaloupe go bad because I completely forgot it was outside. Sigh. Let’s just say on more than one occasion this week, I was given “signs” that I needed to slow down.

This week was hard. Things didn’t go as planned. I had to pivot + dodge. And I have never been happier about seeing the weekend. Why is it so easy for all the things that went wrong to roll off our tongues? Why don’t we take the time to celebrate our wins? Not just the big ones, but those small victories that carry us from big moment to big moment. I’m talking about the in-between. Those in-between moments.

Celebrating our wins is important. Wins reminds us that although things can not go as planned or in a completely different direction there is still some good. Especially when we look for it.

Changing the Narrative

The more we actively look for the “wins” in ordinary moments, the easier they will begin to come to mind. And before you know it, life will be a complete celebration! (Cheesy I know, but I couldnt resist LOL)

My Wins

Here are my wins Im celebrating this week:

  1. I GRADUATED Prenatal Yoga + Doula Training
  2. I found my keys
  3. I survived another week of virtual learning with #DramaTeen unscathed
How Im Celebrating

Treating myself to a lil home spa situation. This week my skincare essentials + the #ReadySetFall nail collection found its way to my doorsteps. So if you need me I will be luxuriating and enjoying my accomplishments all weekend long.

This week was tough. But you know what there was some good up in there too! So I encourage you my friend to find something about this week to celebrate. Even if it is you getting through the week. That is something worth celebrating!

What are you celebrating from this week?

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