• sunscreen
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    Sunscreen: Do you use it?

    There is no secret that I absolutely love all things skin care! I’m talking body buttas, exfoliants, body washes, serums, scrubs, etc.  Just know if it’s for the skin, I am for IT. Always. This summer has  been all about experimenting with different products for my face/full body + seeing how my skin responded to each product.  That’s how we learn, through the good, bad and ugly of trying things out😅. The biggest game changer from my 2 months of trial + error was sunscreen.   I’ll admit sunscreen has not always been part of my daily skin care process. Truthfully, like many people, I never even considered sunscreen unless I…

  • the art of nurturing self
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    The Art of Nurturing Self

    You my friend are so deserving of love. It’s funny that sometimes we need reminding or permission to know that we are worthy + deserving of love.  Not just any ole kind of love too, a love that is so deep and pure that only YOU know how to do for yourself. Just like in any other relationship, self-love is a daily commitment and choice that is continuous over time. A never ending cycle of embracing ALL the parts of you. Messy, ugly and beautiful, but most importantly it is yours. Self love is your birth right and YOUR choice to make each and every day. Im gonna be honest…

  • energetic currency
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    Energetic Currency: How are you spending it?

    Did you know that your Energy is a form of currency? Currency in its simplest definition is a means of exchange, trading one thing for another.  This exchange can include time, service, product or even an exchange of energy.  Energy isn’t just “vibes”, gut feelings or intuitions.  Our overall energy is a reflection of where we spend our time + efforts.  As we continue to ease into 2021, now is the perfect time to reflect and evaluate how we’ve spent our energy over the last few months. Evaluation + Reflection Let’s face it, energy has the ability to be influenced and manipulated by factors outside of self. It can be intensified or depleted, so…

  • self care

    Responsibility of Self Care

    Happy Monday! Is it just me, or did January “officially” start for you today too😫😫? I don’t know about you but not only did last week fly by but it is a complete blur as if it never happened🥴. Lately I’ve been taking steps to incorporate more time to read each day + so far it has been pretty good. It has been very nostalgic because I use to be a very avid reader until the last few months. There is something pretty special about dabbling back into old hobbies that bring on happiness🥰. I recently read a quote that said, “Learn to enjoy taking care of yourself. Because it…

  • immune boost
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    5 Immune System Boosters

    By now you know I love🥰 a good reminder to dig a little deeper when it comes to self-care + pouring back into the proverbial cup all while being the best versions of ourselves.  I was reminded the other day that self-care is very much maintenance of the self.  The same way we “tune” up our spaces at home by cleaning up or taking our cars to the mechanic for that routine oil change. Self-care and wellbeing isn’t just an action you do when something is wrong but it is all about those tiny steps we take in-between. Self-care + maintenance is making sure we are taking the steps that…

  • refilling our cups

    Refilling our Cups for $Free99

    One of the biggest myths about self-care is, it has to cost a lot of money.  If you have been rocking with me for a little bit then you already know that I am a HUGE fan of self-care.   Self-care in its simplest form is doing those things that help refill your mental, emotional, spiritual and sometimes physical cups. As we continue to enter into the holiday season, you may be looking for some additional ways to add a little more self-care into your days without breaking the bank. Here are a few ideas that touch on each of those areas of our cups. Practicing Self Care for FREE…

  • finding gratitude
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    4 Pillars of Gratitude

    Tis’ the season🥳!  We are officially 2 weeks and 6 days away from saying farewell to 2020 + welcoming 2021 and all its possibilities.  Being this close to the end of the year feels different this go round.  I know I’m not the only one that feels like this has both been the LONGEST year ever + feeling like where did 2020 even go😅? During this time of year, I like to dig deep and go heavy on my gratitude.  Making room for gratitude is an important aspect of my self-care rituals. My gratitude practice keeps me in check. Reminds me to not just see the big picture, but to have a…

  • mental health
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    Protecting Mental Health in a Digital World

    This upcoming Saturday (Oct 10th) is World Mental Health day. And while I am all for Mental Health awareness EVERYDAY, I thought it would be a great idea to offer a few tips to help protect your mental health + energy during these virtual times. Right now businesses both big + small are coming to the same conclusion. That an online presence is a must at this point. Whether you are working for yourself. Someone else or even a combination of the two, you may have noticed the increase in the demand to stay connected. Connected These last few months we have seen it all, influx for digital content, virtual…

  • Natural Curly
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    5 Tips for My Curly Girls Going Straight for Fall

    Silk press + Blowout season is upon us!! For my curly girls like myself (4C standup!), October marks the beginning of safely straightening your curls without fear. And I for one have been patiently waiting. Why do I silk press? A silk press or a professional blowout is a curly girls dream specifically in the fall. It allows us to dabble in both worlds, the curly + the straight. With both a silk press and a blowout the hair is straightened using a blow dryer, flat iron and sometimes a roller brush. The hair is treated, straighten and often times trimmed. As a curly person, you do not have to…

  • cold
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    Cold Showers are the New Black

    This summer has been unseasonably warm here in the Carolina’s and honestly the weather all over the US for just about all of 2020 has been questionable. Speaking as a person who “run’s hot”, (I heat up pretty quickly internally + have trouble cooling down, a not so awesome side effect of Grave’s Disease), finding ways to stay cool is literally my pastime. So this summer with virtually nowhere to go due to all the closings, I had to get a little bit creative when it came to staying cool. *cues music* This is where Cold Showers became an every day thing in my household. So I know what you…

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