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    Destress with Deep Belly Breath

    Are you a shallow breather? Shallow breathing is when the lungs are not completely filled when you inhale.  Think breathing into the top of the chest only.  Most people do not fully inhale when breathing so shallow breathing is extremely common. As a yoga teacher, birth doula + wellness practitioner Deep Breathing + connecting to Breath comes naturally to me now, but 10 years ago not so much. Like many of you, I was out here living and surviving in my shallow breath with no issues at all. But here is the thing. We don’t know what we don’t know. I had no idea how much of a disservice I…

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    3 Self Care Tips to Help Manage Stress

    By now we all know that stress is something that we do NOT want, and is something we should avoid whenever possible. Continuous stress can cause issues within the body like high blood pressure, sleep inconsistencies, heart disease + if left untreated can compromise a healthy immune system. This is important right now as we continue to take steps to build our bodies immune system to fight against infection and disease.   It is really in our best interest to take the steps necessary to decrease stress when we can. Now while there isn’t a way to eliminate all stress because it is a part of life, there are things…

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    Breathing Deep

    Big inhale in through the nose, filling up the lungs. Open mouth exhale slowly allowing the breath to leave the lungs. Do this twice more, taking your time to inhale deeply and exhale fully. Did you know breathing is part of our life force? That stress + anxiety can be reduced and managed through your breath? In times of stress or anxiety the way that we breath can be affected, causing us to breathe at a shorter and faster rate. This increase in the pace or rate of your breathing causes you to take in less oxygen which of course adds more to your stress and anxiety.  Slowing your breathing…

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