the art of nurturing self
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The Art of Nurturing Self

You my friend are so deserving of love.

It’s funny that sometimes we need reminding or permission to know that we are worthy + deserving of love.  Not just any ole kind of love too, a love that is so deep and pure that only YOU know how to do for yourself.

Just like in any other relationship, self-love is a daily commitment and choice that is continuous over time. A never ending cycle of embracing ALL the parts of you.

Messy, ugly and beautiful, but most importantly it is yours.

Self love is your birth right and YOUR choice to make each and every day.

Im gonna be honest with you, making the choice of self love each day is hard. Hell, Ive chosen violence over nurturing self love a few times last month 🤷🏾‍♀️ and my body has surely made me pay for it in way of inflammation, sleepless nights + upset tummy.

As a HSP and a person who has autoimmune difficulties (Grave’s Disease) being intuitive and intentional with my daily choices is pretty much the only way I can survive life.

Now while I still occasional reach back into my violence bag (wine, over indulging in nightshade foods etc), this most recent flare up has humbly reminded me how important our daily choices of nurturing self are.

Intentional Choices

So there is no plot twist here. No big reveal. No drawn out explanation or in detail steps or directions.

We all know the choices we should be making and what is nurturing to us or not. Its really that simple.

With no overthinking, I’ve been asking myself a simple question each time I am presented with a choice, “does this help me love myself today?” It is very rare that we don’t have an answer to this question.  If the answer is “no” I replace whatever I was about to do, eat, go or buy (whewww 😅) with something that helps me honor myself better. If I don’t have an answer, then that’s the answer in itself, am I right?

Stopping for a moment to actually consider yourself is how you begin to make intentional choices. This is how we begin to tap into living and thinking from our heart space.

Sometimes self love is saying “YES” to the pizza, or the night in. The art of nurturing yourself is asking and truly listening to what you need. Self love isnt straight up denial, its the balance and the harmony of what keeps you healthy, happy and safe.

Creating Ritual

I LOVE a good ritual, that should be no secret if you have been rocking with me for a while or follow me on my socials. I am a big believer in creating ritual with all the things that add spark + joy anchoring our days.

Creating self love rituals may look different from day to day depending on what you are needing in real time. I dont know about you, but my days are pretty unpredictable (doula life) so its important that I have self love anchors “built” into my daily routines.

One of my favorite self love anchors is morning gratitude. Each morning before getting out of bed I allow myself to “notice” each portion of my body. I wiggle my toes/fingers, flex my feet, stretching long while taking up space.  I take notice of how my bed feels, how I feel in my body in that moment and I just breathe in the possibilities of the day. The older I get, simply waking up has become so important. Most day (because I make it a priority) I do my morning meditation right there, right inside my gratitude bubble.

The art of nurturing yourself is finding your own personal ebb + flow to help you ease into your day, your possibilities + self.  What routines or rituals have you found yourself drawn to?  What are the things that have helped you come back to self?

The self love journey is one that is continuous over time, showing up for yourself right where you are in that moment without judgement. It is a never ending cycle of embracing all the parts of you, its messy, its ugly its beautiful and most importantly a choice only you can make.

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