6 Branches of Self-Care

These days self-care and self love is all the rage and a hot topic item, for good reason too. Any quick google search can provide you with all the benefits and importance of a solid routine, I’ve even written about self care a time or two right here on this blog! In this day and age, adultin can be so very stressful and even down right daunting, which makes perfect sense as to why everyone is talking self care.

What you may not know, is self care isn’t just binge watching TV, having a glass of wine or drawing a bath. Now those are good self care activities, but in all actuality there are LEVELS to self care. If you are like me, you probably had no idea. Have no fear my friends I am here to give you the low down! To truly get the full benefits of self care one must know and understand each of the branches of self care. Branches? What? That’s right there are branches of self-care that cater to different areas of what makes us who we are. Creating space to nurture those branches will begin the process of cultivating a more mindful life. What are those branches you might ask, keep reading my friend, I got you :).


Physical self care is the care that comes to mind for most people when you mention self care. Its the one we all gravitate towards and is the branch that plays to our basic physical needs. When we think about ourselves physically we think about taking care of our body and making it feel its very best. I personally like to think of Physical Self Care as a major branch on the self care tree because the better your body feels, or the healthier you are the better you FEEL. The body never lies and if your physical self care is lacking, you will know it. Ways that I approach physical self care:

  • Fuel your body ( healthy balanced meals)
  • SLEEP ( everyone is different, find your sleep sweet spot where you feel your best. Mine is 7hrs)
  • Yoga ( stretching is a great option before bed, early morning and all throughout the day)
  • Skin Care routine ( I love a good face mask or jade roller)
  • Get Moving ( pick an activity running, hiking, anything! Just get active)
  • Drink Water ( staying hydrated)
  • Go Outside ( getting fresh air, change of scenery or even getting a walk in)


Professional self care is not a typical branch of self care but as an entrepreneur I believe it is a very important aspect in the realm of doing right by yourself. Even if you are not an entrepreneur more times than not the average persons stress can come from their jobs or at the very least stem from it. While practicing self care outside of work is very important there are things that you could do at work that honors your self care. Sorta taking that work, life balance to the next level. Here are some tips I use as an entrepreneur to remain my very best self in my work:

  • create boundaries (learn to say “no”)
  • take breaks (no powering through)
  • eat (and ENJOY lunch break/no working through lunch)
  • create relationships with peers (its always good to have a “friend” at work)
  • leave work at work (boundaries take 2)
  • take vacations (if entrepreneur create down time, if working for company use your vacation days and sick days)
  • challenge yourself with projects or learning something new about your line of business (sparks creativity + develops you professionally)


Psychological self care is all about your mind and mental state and is another very important branch of self care. Proper care of this area helps us handle stresses that come into life efficiently while giving us the ability to remain focused during those rocky times. Psychological self care is important part of self development and self improvement. Here are a few of my favorite psychological self care activities:

  • affirmations (saying or having positive thoughts towards yourself)
  • tribe (finding like minded people that you can connect with)
  • meditation ( clearing the mind and refocusing)
  • Creativity (whatever your jam is get out there and “create”)
  • journaling (writing down feelings, thoughts and emotions as they come up)
  • gratitude journal (a list of all those positive things you are grateful for)


Another one of those cares that come easily is personal self care! Personal self care is really about your personal relationship with yourself. With this care you dive into the bigger picture of who you are as a person. I sometimes think of this particular care as me “dating” myself; if you think back on your last date or any date at all really. Most of that time was spent probably getting to know the other person better and learning what that person likes or doesn’t like. For most people, that dating period is when people feel comfortable trying something new. That is what personal self care is, figuring out what works for you; finding your limits and stretching past them. Personal self care is essential to anyone that wants to grow on a personal level. Here are a few activities I do for personal self care

  • Goals! (plan realistic short term and long term goals)
  • Me time (spending time alone is essential to getting in touch with yourself)
  • Try something new (take a class, dance, yoga, cooking)
  • Learn something new (take a course, webinar, masterclass)
  • Pinterest ( virtual vision board, goals,inspiration and aspirations)


Emotional self care is exactly what is sounds like it is. Everything involving feelings and understanding your personal emotions in such a way that you recognize when you might need extra help. Having a strong emotional self care practice can be extremely helpful in understanding when you may feel overwhelmed or full of emotions. Emotional self care aids us in processing those feelings and emotions in a healthy manner. Here are a few activities I use for emotional self care:

  • Affirmations ( Positive self talk and thoughts towards yourself)
  • Quality time ( Spending quality time with my tribe or solo)
  • Asking for help ( using that support system)
  • Environment change ( getting out to social events, or finding somewhere quiet)
  • Dont hold it in (emotions are meant to be felt, cry, laugh etc let it out!)
  • engage in social activities
  • journal (helps you gauge how you are feeling real time)


Spiritual self care is all the things that involve your belief system, no matter what that belief system is; religious or personal beliefs. It is catering to and nurturing that side of you that is important in your life with the added bonus of personal growth. Spiritual self care, just like the other branches will look different based on the person, whats mainly important here is connecting with yourself on that deeper level. Here are some things that I do for spiritual self care:

  • yoga ( movement meditation at its best)
  • practicing mindfulness ( always being “present” )
  • meditation ( so many different ways to meditate)
  • Nature ( connecting with nature, getting outside)
  • Read ( inspirational text, books, blogs)
  • pray (to whomever you believe)

Who would have thought there was so much to self care! The great thing about each of the branches is they are all connected and its very very possible to do 1 act of self care while satisfying more than one of the branches. This months theme is all about Self Care and diving deeper into the different branches. I have created a FREE 6 day email course that pairs beautifully with this post. Each morning we will talk about one of the branches and different activities that you can add to your every day routine. Each email will include some FREE content upgrades and resources like worksheets and printables! The worksheets and tools were created to help you incorporate the tips that we talk about for each branch. At the end of the 6 days you will receive the entire course in an e-book as a added bonus that you can use as a reference in the future. I am completely fired up about self care and its benefits and if you are interested in learning more or looking for a place to start the time is now! Click HERE to signup!

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