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Consistency Challenge: July Edition

Over the last few months I have indulged in a few challenges here and there, I mean who doesn’t enjoy a good challenge? In my forever pursuit of being the very best version of myself I am always looking for something that challenges me to step my game up. Whether that means stepping up in my self care routines, business or even how I use my time I’m always up for the challenge! Over the last few months I joined a group with Mattie James that is all about stepping up and showing out for your business.

What I love about this group is each month, we have taken an aspect of our business and “flexed” our muscle in that area to strengthen it. Similar to muscle memory, the more you do it the more natural it becomes.

Digital footprint break down

This months challenge is all about the virtual real estate that we actually own, OUR BLOGS. As a digital creator, it is very easy to get caught up in the social media side of providing content. Take a scroll down any of the social media outlets and it is very easy to see why a content creator would “think” that is the most important area of being a digital creator. Now don’t get me wrong, having some sort of presence on Social Media is needed in a degree and in some instances the best way to be seen + heard, but let me give you a little bit info to chew on. There was this graphic that I had been seeing floating around these interwebs that put things in perspective for me.

Content Graphic Challenge
Content Shelf Life

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all have shelf lives of less than 24hrs, meaning whatever content you post will still be viewable after 24hrs, but not in the same way as it is in those first few hours which provides the most exposure. To further put this in perspective, to make sure your content was being seen and discovered by the most number of people, a person would need to post ideally 2-3x a day on IG/Twitter/Facebook. Posting that often would ensure that your content is coming up regularly on feeds. Pinterest and Youtube on the other hand gives you more bang for your buck with extended shelf lives for content produced. Even with the extended shelf life nothing really beats producing solid content on your actual blog because it lives there for practically forever (compared to the others).

Behind the scenes

There is a LOT of work that goes into creating content, no matter where you are posting. If you serious about it, there is planning, executing, scheduling, posting and even engagement after the fact. So it makes complete sense that you would want to put MORE effort into the platform that not only do you own but has the longest shelf life.

Having a beautiful feed or amazing stories is awesome but the hard reality is we don’t own any of the things that we put on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc. If any of those platforms were to go away tomorrow, *poof* so would all of that beautiful content. What is here to stay however is our blogs, urls and the virtual real estate that we OWN. So that brings me to this months #ConsistencyChallenge! This month, the focus is our blog and consistently producing content.

Truth Moment

As a digital content creator especially in the current industry there is this pressure to “keep up” and sometimes we (well, I) can get so caught up in trying to create a “perfect” post that nothing is posted at all. I am so guilty of spending time researching, planning and even writing a blog to only just leave it sitting in my drafts🤦🏾‍♀️. I bet if you asked any digital content creator they would probably be in the same boat of having a bunch of drafts waiting to be polished.

What to expect from me this month

This challenge is calling for me to show up for myself and for YOU honestly. To push past any excuses that I may have used in the past as a reason not to post. For this challenge I will be producing a blog post every week day, Monday- Friday for the month of July. My hope is to shift my mindset of having to create the “perfect” blog post and provide you with content of value that is useful. During this time, I will share more about myself and the topics that I hold near and dear.

Because we are a community, are there any topics that you hope to see covered this month?

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