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Permission to Celebrate 2021

Seems like it has been 100 years since the last time we were ringing in a New Year and yet it was just 365 days ago. This time last year I made a conscious decision to “Opt Out” of New Years and all the vision boards, goal mapping and “this gon’ be my year“, mentality.  Truth be told, I was tired lol and I was being “called” to make space in my life to begin living outside of just  checking things off of a list.

 What I didn’t know then, that I can clearly see now is I already knew what I needed for this upcoming season in my life, even before I realized I knew!  Each of us has a “calling” inside, a gut feeling, urging or even a “knowing” of what we need before we fully understand that the answer is always inside.

Now while this New Year may look different than how we imagined and honestly 2020 has been a full rollercoaster of emotions that no body and I mean NOBODY signed up for, there is still reason to press on. There are still things, places and people to celebrate.  We are still here. Still standing + in some ways thriving in uncertainty on the daily.

So I say give your self permission to celebrate, to do what you know you need to do for yourself to look forward to the possibilities of the new year. If that means creating visions boards, getting dressed up for a small celebration at home or deep breathing + intention setting, take whatever steps you need to continue to LOOK FORWARD.

Looking ahead

This year I decided to attend a virtual vision board party with the focus not on lists or goals but on how I can continue to love on + nurture myself in 2021. I guess in a way you could say that is the goal. That’s the list. To love + pour into myself.

The biggest gift that we can continue to give ourselves in this moment is GRACE + continuing to make room for whatever the future holds.

celebrate  2021

2020 has been painful, raw + frustrating

2020 eye-opening, expanding + inspiring

2021 is a mystery but nothing we cant handle

Here’s to you 2021 and all the possibilities you will offer us!!

Wishing you my friend the Happiest of New Years 💓

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