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Last week we witnessed history being made yet again.  I dont know about you, but whew😅 living through all this history the last few months has been exhausting to say the least. 

 No matter where you stand on the divide the history we experienced last week is something we will tell our children + their childrens’ children  for years to come of this period of life that we have been able to experience first hand.  And while there is much to celebrate, there is still so much work to be done not only in our country but within ourselves.

As we embark on what feels like a new era (truth is to be seen), here are some reminders of how you can continue to show up for yourself this week + take back your power and energy.
  • Decide What is Important: Make a decision of what is important to you in this week only. If its getting rest, do that.  If its adding movement, get it done.  So often we overload our plates with a bunch of things that feel “important”, but dont have the same priority.  Decide the 1 thing you need more of to honor yourself this week + go after it.
  • Protect Your 1 Thing: Deciding what’s important can be challenging, but isnt the biggest obstacle.  The biggest obstacle is adding boundaries. Boundaries protect + keep you accountable. That can look like setting your alarm to get up earlier, removing the tv from your bedroom or scheduling uninterrupted time by putting DND (do not disturb) on your phone.   
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Understand + know your triggers: Triggers have the potential to open doors to self sabotage. Self sabotage has the potential to keep us from honoring ourselves. Knowing the things that can cause you to second guess or put your needs on the back burner is an advantage that can be put to good use.  Examples could be:

  • no alcohol this week
  • limited late dinners after 7p
  • no engaging in communication where I don’t feel seen or heard
  • limited checkin’s w/ news or social media
  • unplugging after dinner
  • Its ok to say no:  Get comfortable saying no to honor yourself.  No without explanation. No with dedication to self. We have been conditioned to put other’s feelings ahead of our own. In some cases that is acceptable + needed. But in self work, no without explanation is the only kind of no there is. And that’s ok. Be ok with saying no without explanation.

Above all else GRACE. Give yourself grace when you need to, this relationship with self is a long twisty, curvy one. There is no one direct path so we have to take our time + love on ourselves exactly where we are. As we continue to move through this space dont forget to honor yourself, your time + your energy above all else.

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