5 Immune System Boosters

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By now you know I love🥰 a good reminder to dig a little deeper when it comes to self-care + pouring back into the proverbial cup all while being the best versions of ourselves.  I was reminded the other day that self-care is very much maintenance of the self.  The same way we “tune” up our spaces at home by cleaning up or taking our cars to the mechanic for that routine oil change. Self-care and wellbeing isn’t just an action you do when something is wrong but it is all about those tiny steps we take in-between. Self-care + maintenance is making sure we are taking the steps that keep us healthy and our Immune System functioning properly to fight off infection and disease.  

And while I am SURE most of you have increased your efforts when it comes to boosting your immune system, there is nothing wrong with a reminder of what helps and increases the boost. Lately I have been following an INCREASE or DECREASE rule of thumb. Increasing the things I know boost my immune system and decreasing the things that don’t.

Here is what’s making the cut for me this week:

INCREASED                                                                                                                         DECREASED

1.Supplement intake (vitamin D, C, Zinc + elderberry)                                            1. Processed Sugar Intake

2. Eat More Plants                                                                                                            2. Faux meats + idle snacking

3. Water Intake                                                                                                                 3. Alcohol Consumption

4. Solid Sleeping habits                                                                                                  4. Late nights + mindless scrolling

5. Stretching + movement                                                                                             5. Stationary activities

The Deets
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Supplements (and I don’t mean Flintstones Vitamins): Often times we do not get the nutrients we need in our regular everyday diets. Layer on specific eating lifestyles like plant based, pescatarian, paleo etc + there may be vitamins/minerals your body specifically needs that you could be missing out on.  My favorite immune system boosters currently are: Garlic (I add this to ALL my cooking), Elderberry Syrup, vitamin D,C and zinc.

  • Tip: The body will let you know what you may be need more of through various body cues, but the best way to see what you specifically need is through bloodwork. This can be completed by your primary care and can provide you with the most accurate information.
  • Eat More Plants: A lot of the nutrients we are missing can be found naturally in plants. Granted you may have to eat a huge amount of said plant to get the recommended amount. Eating more plants along with taking the proper supplements can provide an amazing boost for your immune system. Eat mindfully adding healthy fats and avoiding extra sugar when you can. 
  • Stay Hydrated: Goes without saying but make sure you are drinking your water! The largest organ of the body is the skin + part of the skin doing its job of being a protective layer is based on the overall health of the skin. Not only does water help our skin do its job, but water also helps our organs to function properly.  
  • Solid Sleep Routine:  When we sleep, our body rejuvenates + repairs from the day.  It is important that we give our body the time it needs to repair itself and rest.  When we don’t get enough hours of rest our body goes into “sleep debt” (the difference in the amount of sleep your body needs each night and the amount of sleep you actually get😫).  If our bodies are not properly rested we can’t fight off infection. 
  • Move your Body:  Our bodies are made for movement. We were never meant to just sit. Finding some sort of movement in your day is essential to boosting your immune system.

What things have you INCREASED or DECREASED when boosting your immune system?

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