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    Responsibility of Self Care

    Happy Monday! Is it just me, or did January “officially” start for you today too😫😫? I don’t know about you but not only did last week fly by but it is a complete blur as if it never happened🥴. Lately I’ve been taking steps to incorporate more time to read each day + so far it has been pretty good. It has been very nostalgic because I use to be a very avid reader until the last few months. There is something pretty special about dabbling back into old hobbies that bring on happiness🥰. I recently read a quote that said, “Learn to enjoy taking care of yourself. Because it…

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    An Invitation to Take Inventory

    The last 3 days have been all about Gratitude (over on my IG feed) + if you are a part of the 4 Days of Gratitude newsletter series!  In this short time, Ive learned 1 important thing. The easiest way to tap into inner joy is through gratitude.  Something as simple as finding gratefulness in the small every day moments can cultivate an environment of abundance and presence.   It is very easy to get caught up in all the things happening around us as we continue to maneuver life in this “new” normal. Things may not look how we may have pictured they would look this time last year…

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