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Are your Routines Anchored in Intention?

Do you practice rituals my friend? Or have routines you like to follow?  If you don’t you may be leaving an extremely powerful tool on the table.  Studies have shown correlation in reduced stress +/or burnout in people who follow routines.  There is no secret that following a routine or ritual requires a level of intention especially when done on a regular bases. 

Routines and rituals can be very important for various reasons depending on who you ask🤪.  From levels of spirituality, ways to cope with grief, loss, anxiety or even in some cases to boost confidence, rituals + routines are here to stay.

The beauty behind rituals and routines is they can be big and grand or small and on your own.  There are no true rules that say either way is more effective than the next. The key is having routines or rituals anchored in intention.

When we have specific intentions our end goal is clear.  The thing we want to accomplish is already understood in our minds.  If we know our intention is to reduce stress, we can then come up with steps to help us get there.  In its simplest definition, intention is doing something on purpose. Intention is the goal.

So how do we create routines or rituals?

Well you might be shocked to know that you are probably already practicing rituals or routines.  Ever practice a presentation before presenting? Close out your evenings the same way each night? Listen to a song that gets you pumped before completing a task that makes you nervous? Believe it or not those are routines already set in your schedule that bring you a sense of comfort + familiarity.  The things that we do naturally to help us cope, boost confidence or even relieve anxiety are all rituals and routines.  

We can take those things that we do naturally + add a little boost by turning up our ✨intention✨ and getting clear on the end goal of our actions. This part is the game changer!  

From Autopilot to CHARGED UP
routines + rituals

Instead of the routines being on autopilot we can charge them up by simply taking a look at those areas in our lives that are a little murky (you know the areas😅😰).  Those moments where anxiety builds, or where we can use a hand up, or even in moments of stress. Working backwards from a place of intention can help you set up proper routines to reach your goals. By knowing which situations or circumstances that can bring on moments of uneasiness, we can prepare to counter those emotions through routine. But not without acknowledgment. Acknowledgment of the emotions that come up, because even with the best of rituals or intentions we are still human + these things will come up. Acknowledge those moments and then take steps to go to the next level by pushing past with rituals is the real Razzle Dazzle.

 You would be surprised how much of a difference it can make to take steps during those moments with intention.

 One ritual that I am loving right now for when I am feeling a little bit anxious is sitting outside, yep even in the cold🥶.  Something about it instantly sooths me🥰.  My intention when I sit outside is to redirect my mind from whatever may be making me anxious.  Sometimes taking a break from those things is all that is needed. Sitting outside provides space to follow through with my intention of redirecting my thoughts.  

What routines or rituals have you been loving?  

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