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    3 Percent

    Its funny how my family was formed, how our paths crossed and we all came to be. After the last few years I have just 1 lonely takeaway…….. this isssh is hard y’all!!! Being blended is HARD, every aspect of it is trying and down right difficult. AND is one of the most hardest things Ive ever done and Ive gone through labor. Having a child from a previous relationship is the most obvious along with the fact that we are an interracial couple, yes those things place strain. But its the other stuff that no one tells you about. Like how you both view money, the fact that your…

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    Self Care

    A day off during the week, no negotiations Currently I work in a virtual office where I have the pleasure of creating my own work schedule how I deem fit from week to week. Which has been one of the best things for my family, especially when I was a single parent. Up and until that dreaded Oct 2018 meeting this meant I really could have my most ideal schedule that really worked around my family allowing for some amazing Work, Life, Balance.  Now with the changes I still have the pleasure of creating my own schedule from week to week, the twist now is the number of hours available…

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