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Optin’ out of Resolutions

Gosh! It was like we had Thanksgiving and BAM! Snowball to the end of the year.  Seems like just a few weeks ago we were ringing in 2019 and here we are again gearing up to welcome 2020 with open arms. This time last year I was creating vision boards, making goals and mapping out how I would conquer 2019. I took all the steps, made sure my goals were realistic, prepped myself for success through researching both on and off the net. I crossed my T’s and dotted my I’s, you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t about to handle 2019 like a true boss! What I didn’t account for was randomness, things going as unplanned as humanly possible, circumstances changing and direction being forced to change with it. I was reminded countless times in 2019 that there is a possibility of things going wrong not matter what steps you take to prepare. And that things that you may have believed to be true in this very moment can be something completely different 6 months from now.

Like so many others during this time of year and the last few weeks before a brand new decade, I have started to truly reflect on my year. Taking inventory of the highs + lows, the many win’s and those devastating losses. 2019 taught me the lessons of bittersweet, the art of balance, finding my edge + pushing past it, creating the boxes and checking the lists and most importantly 2019 gave me the gift of unraveling, becoming unhinged,raw, breaking down to the core and having the strength to rebuild. In my reflection of the last 12 months, although much of what I planned for 2019 didn’t actually happen there were other things that I didn’t plan for that did. Things that were never really on my radar have evolved all on their own naturally into things that were more than I could ever dream of. All set backs are not failures and all “no’s” are not a denial.

One of the biggest lessons and take aways I have for 2019 is no matter how much you plan, create goals, tasks or list there will always be the bittersweet. With every high there will be a low, instead of going into the new decade with 101 things I want to check off or accomplish, I am opening myself up to the possibility of opportunities I couldn’t even begin to fathom.

I have made a decision. I am opting out of the whole New Years resolution jam. I do not want to go into the new decade with items to “check” off a list or things to “complete” just for sake of having something to complete. Instead I am intention setting. In these last few days of this decade I am setting my intentions to be open to exactly what the Universe has instore for me. Going into the New Year lighter and free of the obligation to become a “new” me (rhymes lol) .

Instead I am creating space for the things that will come in the new year. I am creating space within my mind to make room for personal growth, continued healing and personal development. I am creating space within my home by de-cluttering and removing things that are of no use to me. I am creating space within my business for new opportunities and connections. Making room and creating space within my life as a whole to allow for continued growth to new heights and levels.

The biggest gift that I can give myself in this very moment is making room for whatever the future holds for me without limits and doubt.

2019 has been hard , frustrating + confusing

2019 fulfilling, igniting, deep + vast

2020 is a big beautiful mystery with endless possibilities


Here’s to you 2020 and all the possibilities you will offer us!!

Are you creating any New Years resolutions? If so I would love to hear them! If you are skipping the Resolution Jam like me, what areas in your life can you make space to allow possibilities?

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