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Mid Year Check-In: 4 Simple Steps

I can not believe that we are already in the last weeks of July! It seems like 100 years have passed since NYE 2019 + in the same breathe it feels like there is no way that we only have 5 months left before we are ringing in another New Year.

With less than half of the year left, you might be wondering where has all the time went? Dont worry I am wondering the same thing.

Usually during this time of the year, end of summer/ start of fall, I take inventory of where I am mentally, physically + emotionally. Check-ins with yourself is vital to understanding what is actually working for you + what things you may need to let go of. Check-ins are also great when it comes to goals that you may have set for yourself, if those goals have been met or need to be changed.

Taking Time to Reflect

This year is no different, although I didnt set actual goals this past New Year, alot has happened in way of Pandemic and a revolution,that I think this years’ inventory review is one of the most important ones to date. We have been hit with some heavy shit yall. No matter how you slice it, NO ONE and I mean NO ONE had what has happened over the last 4 months written down in their goal calendar, vision board or manifestation book. So a check-in is pretty warranted if I do say so myself.

I like to keep my check-in’s super simple, because the whole purpose is to “check-in” on where I am in my current space. It isnt a time to critique or shame myself. It is a time to simply reflect + see what has been working and what hasnt. Keeping it simple helps me to see + feel where I am without distraction.

Simple Check-In


There is no way to see where you are going, unless you see where you have been (is that a song?). Look back over the last few month and think about the things that you have enjoyed vs the things you have not. Granted a large portion of the beginning of the year was spent in quarantine or lock down, but what about the 1st half of the year did you really enjoy? What did you miss?What worked or didnt work? Take a moment or two to reflect on your joys, things you miss or things that worked/didnt work.

My Reflection:

  • I really enjoyed being home more + spending more time with my family
  • Time and space to dive into my hobby of being a plant mom
  • I miss teaching yoga in person
  • Waking up later works best for me, I have the most energy
  • Spending most of my time in my car did NOT work for me
2. Remove What Doesnt Work

This is my FAVORITE part of check-in’s, removing the things that DO NOT work. Stop doing activities that dont bring you joy, those that waste your time and the things that dont leave you feeling good. All the things that you discovered while reflecting that do not work, cross them off the list + be done with them. You know longer have the time or space to do the things that bring you down. This can be actual things that you physically do or even thoughts that keep you from being the best version of yourself. What things or thoughts do you need to remove to make the last 5 months of this year the very best?

3. Add More Joy

Going back to the reflection list, what things brought more joy in the last 6 months? What has made you smile, brought happiness to your heart or given you peace? Now that you know the things that have “lighten” your day over the last few months how can you add more of that into the last 5 months of this year? Be intentional about your time and actually schedule those things that bring more joy in your world. If you have discovered a new passion how can you add more of that in your days?

4. Celebrate the Wins

Mid year check-ins are not just about what hasn’t worked or what has worked. A huge part of the check-in process is celebrating the goals and the wins that have come along the way over the last few months. The ones we planned, prepared + worked for and those that have come our way unexpectedly. Celebrate the wins, both great + small.

Check-ins do not have to wait till the mid year, I honestly do them quarterly. Staying in tune with where you are and where you want to be is a process but can be so very powerful in keeping yourself aware of what works. This is key in staying aligned with your passions. Keep in mind that check-ins are simply you prioritizing your self care by adding more of the things that bring joy and removing those things that don’t work.

How is your mid- year Check-In going?

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