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Personal Growth

Pressin’ Forward

For the most part, I would say a great deal of America has access to some form of social media. We are getting to the point in our society where each day we can log into this page or that book, google this information or receive that tweet at the drop of a dime. Social media in all its glory is an amazing concept that keeps billions upon billions of people engaged and connected. We are able to share in one another’s success + wins , we are able to show compassion and concern during their downs. We are forever connected and inter webbed.

With the ability to track all sorts of people that we have come across whether in person or maybe through other forms of the internet, either way we are able to glimpse into life after life. One thing that I absolutely love, is the successes that I have had the privilege of witnessing as close to first hand as possible. I’m able to see people who look like me, really win! I get to witness joy, happiness and for the most part the best of people and humanity. There are some downsides too, but this blog isnt really about that tonight.

What we dont always see are the not so good days, the days where we have to drag ourself out of bed days or the days when sh*t is just f*cked. Granted there are some that do post their true authentic selves but sadly not as many as the latter.

This week as a newish entrepreneur was hard. There were several curve balls thrown, many of which were a bit blindsiding and stomach wrenching. Truth be told friends, I contemplated quitting. I contemplated staying in a position where I knew I could not grow + completely not enjoy what I do and just stick my head in the sand till my #DramaTween was off to college. I mean whats 5 more years right?

I made my decision. I was done with it, I needed to take the safe path and tread lightly. Tuesday night after I decided I went to bed with a lump in my throat, woke up to a knot in my chest and spent the rest of the day with my stomach swirling. Everything in my body was fighting the decision. My entire being just knew I was making a mistake and wanted no parts in it.

Social media posts will have you believe that sh*t is always sweet when the fact is, sh*t isnt. Sometimes its easier to just post the wins to help motivate, sometimes they are reminders of how far you have come.

No matter how many bad days come, it is our duty to ourselves to live this life to the very fullest and follow each and every single dream our hearts desire. We. Must. Press. Forward.

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