4 Pillars of Consistency

We can all have the very best intentions when it comes to our health and well-being. The decisions to eat better, spend more time reading, getting outside + all the things that help us to be the best versions of ourselves. 

We start out full steam ahead + then, BAM, suddenly things begin to slack off. Maybe we start not eating as well, reading very much or getting enough rest.  It happens to the best of us😩😩😩.

Bringing on Change

One of the biggest mistakes that we can make when deciding to bring change in our lives is thinking that it is an instantaneous event, as in I say I will eat healthier + it will just happen with no effort. Or saying you want to add movement into your days but you dont make changes in your schedule to allow for movement.  

There are 4 things to consider when going from change to habit with consistency:

Clarity: Sometimes we jump into change simply because its a knee jerk reaction. We see a person doing a juice cleanse, so we decide to do a juice cleanse. Beyoncé goes vegan, we all go vegan (am I right🙏🏾?). Being clear on the change you are making + why you are making it gives you purpose.  There is a seriousness behind purpose that is rooted with clarity.  When you are clear on why you are making the change, you are more likely to find consistency + longevity. Simply because you truly understand why you are doing it.

Overload: Taking on too many changes at once or taking drastic measures of change. I get it, when we have decided to do something for our betterment it seems like a great idea to go all or nothing. For some, that method works and works for a while, but for others its a set up for a set back.  When committing to making changes be realistic with those changes. It is ok to start small. Small steps matter and they add up. Also, do not compare your journey with someone else.  Comparison is the thief of joy, we all have our very own path that is specific for us in our health + wellness journeys.

Creating Consistency

Plan: We all know the saying “Failure to plan is a failure in itself”, small decisions made in real time is the killer of consistency.  Take the steps to help you help your future self.  If a change you want to make is eating a healthier breakfast, make sure you have healthy breakfast food on hand.  Small decisions drain our brain power. Help yourself + be deliberate by make those small decisions ahead of time.

Process: You can’t have a process without clarity and a plan.  The misconception of consistency is if you plan it, write it down, say it out loud with a declaration it will just happen.  Nope.  A process has to be in place for change to be transformed into habit. Your process is your plan brought to life in action + real time so it is important to know what it looks like, so we can rinse and repeat. That is consistency.

Rinse + Repeat

When you have a successful day of implementing changes, how did you get there? What steps did you take?   Is there a way there a way to repeat to get the same results tomorrow? Those are the secrets in turning a change into a habit with consistency. 

Once you have the secrets of turning change into habit, then you can call in consistency with practice. Change can not become habit without practice. Practice can not even be a thing if there is no process and of course you simply can not have a process without a plan and so forth. Each pillar of consistency is needed to call in any real change with the hopes of becoming a habit.

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