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Energetic Currency: How are you spending it?

Did you know that your Energy is a form of currencyCurrency in its simplest definition is a means of exchange, trading one thing for another.  This exchange can include time, service, product or even an exchange of energy.  Energy isn’t just “vibes”, gut feelings or intuitions.  Our overall energy is a reflection of where we spend our time + efforts.  As we continue to ease into 2021, now is the perfect time to reflect and evaluate how we’ve spent our energy over the last few months.

Evaluation + Reflection

Let’s face it, energy has the ability to be influenced and manipulated by factors outside of self. It can be intensified or depleted, so having an awareness or understanding as to when + WHY your energy is being changed outside of self is the first step to protecting it.

Understanding how + where you spend your time will you give you the clearest picture of what’s in your energy bank. Similar to balancing a check book, our energy bank works on debits + credits; every day actions either add to the bank or take away. I don’t know about you, but I like my energetic currency the same way I like my savings account, on FULL and never in the negative. 

Having an energy bank full of positive energy makes room for you to spend that energy creating + cultivating the things you want more of in your life.  When our energy is down or negative, we don’t feel like doing the things that light us up.  And if we push through those times of energy depletion we dont perform at our best effort because we are so tapped out.  Truth moment? We know the things that debit our energy banks😬.

How do you protect your energy?

Easy. Care about your energy. This can sometimes feel easier said than done. Caring about how you spend your efforts + removing those things that debit more than they credit can be hard.  This requires clear boundaries, a change in certain relationships and in some cases that means removing those relationships + situations all together. It can be easier to shy away from doing the things we know we need to do (things we need to remove), because change can be hard + scary. There is comfort in the familiar even if that means we go negative in our energy banks + frankly, sometimes we can be more committed to a person, place or thing than we are to ourselves. Ive definitely been there.

energy joy currency

Can we have another truth moment? If the last 12 months didnt teach us anything else, it taught us that we have to CARE about doing what is right for our wellbeing. This includes saying goodbye to toxic situations, people, places, things + habits. We cant reach our goals if we are running on empty in our energy bank. Our dreams deserves our FULL energy.

Take notice of the situations that debit your energetic currency + act accordingly.

Where are you spending your energy in the upcoming year? For me, all my energy is going to creating more space + room for Joy!

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