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Taking the Leap: Betting on You

Alright my friend, it has been a week of getting honest with ourselves + creating peace in our space at home. Now its time to get real with each other. If no one else will tell you I will. Its time to take that leap. Whatever idea, pitch or project that you have been putting on the back burner, it is time to release that baby into the world. You have sat on it long enough. You have done the research. You have stayed up late putting in the work. Dreaming, planning and imagining. You know exactly what needs to be done.

Pushing Past

It is time to push past your comfort zone + stop talking yourself out of your future. We have all been guilty of it, myself included. Thinking up an idea, taking all the steps to figure out how to make it work. Only to completely talk yourself out of it even before you start. One thing that I have witnessed during Covid is the sheer resilience of people. Finding ways to continue to thrive even when the chips might be stacked up against them. In this season and moment it is our turn to take that leap to the next level.

Feeling like a Fraud

Impostor syndrome can pop up at any time and anywhere. That feeling that we dont add up or are inadequate. It is much easier to stay inside our comfort zone bubble than it is to actually take a shot at the things that we imagine. The funny thing about that notion is although there is safety in comfort zone bubbles, the secret sauce of life lives just at the edge.

This week, I had a chance to hang out with one of my amazingly talented friends. We were having girl chat as we always do; talking about our kids, families and future business ventures. What I noticed about our conversation is the future business ventures topic had been the same over the last few months. We both were planning launches and new aspects of our businesses but neither one of us was taking action to launch. We both used every excuse in the book, but the truth is we both had that feeling of being an “impostor” in our fields. It was as if we were asking ourselves “who are we to take our businesses to the next level”, even though both of us are extremely qualified in our respective fields.

Last week, I saw a quote ” You cant be committed to your dream + your comfort zone”. We have to choose. We cant have it both ways. Now is there anything wrong with staying inside your comfort zone? Absolutely not! Its cozy in there, you know where everything is and you know how everything functions. Comfort zones can be done on autopilot. And you know what? Sometimes thats exactly whats needed.

Living in the Secret Sauce

The secrete sauce is right outside of your comfort zone. Its the thrill of pushing past what you know + stretching yourself to new limits. And then stretching a bit more. It can be scary + unsure, but I guarantee your dream, whatever it may be is worth the leap. So again my friend, this is about me being as honest with you as I am with myself. Take the leap. Launch the Podcast. Write the book. Release the Course. Start the nursery. Whatever you have been putting off, here’s your alarm to get to it!

taking leap
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