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HealthCare Apps for BIPOC

Happy Thursday! I have been doing a ton of research since our conversation last week about mental health in BIPOC communities.

Since July has been designated as a mental health awareness month for Black, Indigenous, People of Color more resources and information is being shared. Sharing these resources as I find them is extremely important to me because I understand how mental health care the same as physical health care is invaluable in leading a quality whole life.  

With the shift in conversation over race, inequality and rights, for the first time ever the blind spots in mental health care when it comes to people of color are being revealed and amplified.  There are so many obstacles that affect minorities mentally. From injustices, systemic racism and disparities in the healthcare as a whole. The list that prevents people that look like me from seeking out help is never ending.

Apps to Check Out

Now while there is still work be done to bridge the gap between these under represented groups and receiving quality care, there are a few apps that are attempting to pick up the slack in the mean time. And I for one, am here for them!

Shine- This black-owned app is FILLED to the brim with resources to help BIPOC to heal + grow.  From Meditations, inspirations and community forums there is a little bit of everything for everyone.

Health in Her HUE- A directory app that connects people of color with medical professionals that look like them. Not only does this app connect but it also provides education on health topics as it relates to people of color.

The Safe Place- Provides free resources and self assessments to those who don’t feel super comfortable with reaching out to a health provider. This app also offers a community forum along with self care advice and tips.

Therapy for Black Girls- A community anchored in mental health practices for women of color. Not only does this website provide excellent resources but it also offers a search for local mental health care providers that look like you.  The search can be tailored to fit your needs to ensure that you are being matched correctly.

Although super NICE these apps and websites are not a “fix all” or a band-aid to the root of the issues found in communities of color in regards to mental health care, they are a step in the right direction.  

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