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Responsibility of Self Care

Happy Monday! Is it just me, or did January “officially” start for you today too😫😫? I don’t know about you but not only did last week fly by but it is a complete blur as if it never happened🥴.

Lately I’ve been taking steps to incorporate more time to read each day + so far it has been pretty good. It has been very nostalgic because I use to be a very avid reader until the last few months. There is something pretty special about dabbling back into old hobbies that bring on happiness🥰.

I recently read a quote that said, “Learn to enjoy taking care of yourself. Because it is your job for the rest of your life”.  Friend, if that ain’t some realness on a Monday, I don’t know what is.

We have a responsibility, good bad or indifferent to take care of ourselves.  The same way we take care of our children, loved ones, friends + so forth. There is a deep responsibility to reciprocate in ourselves.  The gotcha of this responsibility is, we tend to not answer the call when it comes to taking care of self.  We come up with excuses, laundry lists of other priorities and sometimes we down right just don’t do what we need to. That’s the hard truth.  

It makes perfect sense as to why it is important to actually ENJOY taking care of yourself.  Think about the last job or responsibility that you didn’t really enjoy.  You probably made up excuses, maybe showed up late or left early. You may even had to drag yourself there each day to get it done (*cues horror music), right?  It’s simple. The things we do NOT enjoy we don’t make time for, and when we are forced to make time we just don’t enjoy it. 

Responsibility Not Burden

Self-care is very much a personal singular action that requires a level of devotion, no if’s and’s or butt’s.  So how do we get to the place of devotion + seeking out self-care like it is the responsibility we were given at birth?  Simple, find joy in the act of doing something that is for your well-being.  A simple mindset shift. From “Ugh I got to go to bed early because I’m tired and have work in the morning” to “I’m excited to get in bed early tonight, so I can be well rested for tomorrow”. Adjusting your mindset can make a world of difference in how you approach doing what you need to refill your own cup + keep your temple balanced. It is ALL a balancing act.

Self-care is a personal responsibility and is far from a burden or an “Extra” thing on the list of things.  It’s our maintenance, oil change, tune-up, spiritual reset, do-over, all of that. Its everything that helps us to continue to be the best version of ourselves + frankly we owe it to ourselves to get our sh*t together and get it done.

How are you approaching your responsibility of self-care in this season? Because we only get 1 of us, there is no stopping by the Costco for another you.

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