3 Easy Stretches to Release Tension

With many locations still closed or operating full remote due to Covid,  some of us have the luxury of being able to still work from home.  Now while there are many positives to having the ability to work from home, there is no denying that there are some downsides to being in the same space for the majority of your day.

Movement is an important aspect in promoting positive mental health. Through movement, you can energetically lift your spirits and increase circulation throughout the body. This can even be done in as little as 20 min.

Whether you are working from home, working with short breaks or small spaces you can still add some movement through stretches. Stretching releases tension, improves your range of motion all while regulating circulation.  Here are a few stretches you can do right at your seat to relieve tension and avoid energetic shutdown throughout the work day. 

Stretches to Relieve Tension

1. Palm Press: Great for stretching the wrist and the fingers.  Interlock fingers and press your palms to the sky to stretch. This can also be done from behind, by interlocking the fingers behind you and pressing the palms out.

2. Side Body Stretch: Perfect to stretch sides of the body and opening side ribs. With hands still raised overhead, take left wrist into the right hand. Inhale reaching up and over to the right.  Adding movement with breath, with each exhale reach a little further over. Repeat on other side.

3. Figure-Four Stretch: For the hips, glutes and lower back.  With both feet on the ground, cross the left ankle over the right knee. This can be the full stretch, or you can add to it by leaning towards the left calf.

This can be the extent of your energetic boost! Or you can pair any of these stretches along with additional movement such as a walk, yoga or run to increase the benefits of the energetic boost while promoting circulation. An added bonus is each of these stretches can be done sitting, standing or even lying down, find which works best for you!

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