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5 Myths about Self Care

If you know me then you already know that self care is non-negotiable AND is essential in me being the very best version of myself. By now we all know the benefits of taking care of ourselves. Taking those moments to pause and to refill our own cups. Even with all that we know it can still be very difficult to make self care a priority.

While the reasons that we neglect self care can vary from person to person there is one thing that remains true, self care is essential. Here are the top 5 myths about self care + how you can shift your mindset to move past the excuses.

Myths about Self Care

1. I dont have time. This is the BIGGEST myths of them all when it comes to self care. Having that feeling that there isn’t enough hours to get not only the “to do list” completed but adding in time for yourself. As a mom and caregiver I understand this all too well + this was my biggest excuse to not take time for myself. It is EASY to get caught up with everyday life + to feel too tired to even think of yourself.

But here is the thing: We.Make.Time.For.What.We.Want.

Made time to see that new Netflix movie? Made time to grab some food with friends? Self Care doesn’t have to be extravagant and in the same breath it can be exactly what you need it to be. Maybe self-care for you is getting to bed earlier or treating yourself to fancy take-out and a movie.

2. Self Care isn’t Productive: We live in a society where being constantly productive is almost an addiction. In general people don’t deal well with down time. Quarantine has definitely proven that alot of people identify with how busy they are and without being “busy” people are struggling with who they are. To some taking a moment to pause for self care can seem like wasted time or a productive missed opportunity. Self care is actually extremely productive! During the acts of self care we rejuvenate + reset ourselves. This allows us to be more productive because we are refreshed. Think about the last time you worked without a break. You may have felt burnt out at the end. Self care is almost like a mental stretch break for the mind.

3. I work all the time (at home). This one can definitely tie in to number 1 of not having time. For those who work long hours, the last thing you may want to do when you get home is to start thinking about self care. I get it. However, working long hours or even working crazy hours isn’t an excuse to not weave self care in throughout our days.

Self care can look different each and every day as your needs change. Working from home isn’t an added excuse either. The goal is to take steps to refresh yourself. So maybe self care during a long day of work looks like you going for a walk on your lunch break. Or maybe self care for you on a different day is meditating or doing yoga on your break. Finding pockets of time here that helps you “refresh” is the main focus of self care.

4. Self Care is Selfish: Technically this isn’t one of the myths. Self care is selfish😂😅, but its needed. Its like the old saying “cant pour from an empty cup”, or even the thought that you put your mask on first before helping people around you on a plane. We can not give our best self to the people we love without 1st TAKING care of ourselves. There really is no way around it. I am 100% a better wife, mother, daughter and yoga teacher because I take care of myself when I need to.

5. I don’t have money for self care. I get it. Growing up self care was “painted” as a luxury habit that people with disposable income could enjoy. For the longest time I thought self care was spa days and shopping sprees. Now while that may be what self care looks like to you, there are no rules that says it has to be. Taking care of your Overall well being and maintaining happiness is what self care is. It can be as simple as painting your own nails or making a snack that you love. Self care is multidimensional and really is whatever you need to feel balanced within your life.

Cutting the Excuses

The reasons + excuses we give to not make self care a priority can really be endless. There will always be an excuse for everything, but don’t let these 5 myths keep you from taking care of you. Sometimes all we really need is a little creativity and a mindset change in how we view self care in each present moment. I must warn you, once you start making self care a priority you will never go back! It is worth each and every effort!

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