Sea Moss: The New SuperFood

Have you been seeing Sea Moss aka Irish Sea Moss all over these internets lately? Well, that is likely due to the fact that most of us are still at home with lots of time to research ways to boost our immune systems + natural ways to fight off Covid. Pause. I am not telling you that Sea Moss prevents Covid. Keep reading…..

If you have found yourself in the same boat of researching natural boosters you may be wondering how did you NOT know about the HolyGrail that is Sea Moss.  Don’t worry my friend, I am right there with you. I first learned about it a few years ago when I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease.  An autoimmune disease where basically my body creates antibodies that fights my healthy cells. The long and short of it is my Thyroid wasnt doing what it needed to be doing all while making my life a living hell in the process.  Now while I wont get into the details of that diagnosis today (Im sure I will at some point), I started my search for ways to help my thyroid get back on track naturally without a lifetime of medicine or surgery.  

That’s when I discovered Sea Moss and was blown away by this super organism and all of its benefits. Believe it or not this particular strand isnt a new fad, it might be new as far as us talking about it as of late, but actually sea moss and all of its glorious benefits has been around since at least the 1800’s when it was commonly used as a medicine for respiratory issues, soothing mucus membranes and colds. See the correlation to Covid? 

But what is it really?

Red algae (seaweed) in its simplest form has been around for decades and contains 92 of the 102 minerals found naturally in the body. This organism is extremely mineral + antioxidant rich and can be found naturally on the Atlantic Coast of North America + Europe.

With an EXTENSIVE list of benefits ranging from inflammation control, mood boosting abilities, thyroid support, assistance with weight loss and literally so much more. Google it, I promise you will be blown away with the list of benefits.

Not only does the benefit cup runneth over with this organism, it is actually an amazing source of plant based protein like nothing Ive ever seen. Sea moss can be transformed into several versions of itself to be added as a nutrient dense supplemental boost.

Ways to Consume

Sea Moss Gel

A very popular version due to its versatility. Sea moss is made into a gel form allowing you to add it to foods, smoothies and even create face masks. The gel should be created from Wildcrafted sea moss. Wild crafted is raw, fresh and properly sourced. This version must stay refrigerated and can last a few weeks. This is my preferred way to use my sea moss for smoothies and face masks.


To be taken orally the pill version provides a more exact serving size than adding spoonfuls of gel to a smoothie. The benefits take longer to get into the system since the capsule needs to break down during digestion. This method is ideal for those who do not prefer the gel version + works best for travel.

Sea Moss Powder

Similar to gel the powder version can be added to foods (think spice/seasoning) and smoothies. Sea Moss powder is probably the easiest to create out of all the ways to consume. Transform by simply adding the dried whole seaweed to a blender and blend until it is a powder. It is important to note that Sea Moss Powder must be used quickly and has to be stored properly. This version can go bad the quickest.


Sea Moss tinctures is a more concentrated form of supplement. Because the essential nutrients are taken from the sea moss and left as liquid, tinctures absorb into the system quickly.  Due to this method an exact dosage can be determined and is the most precise measurement of all the versions. 

Too Much of a Good Thing + Things to Consider

Now while there are countless benefits, it is also very important to mention potential dangers + things to consider. With Sea Moss containing so many important minerals and nutrients one of which is iodine, keeping a healthy balance in consumption is key. 

Sidenote: Iodine is extremely important because of the role it plays in our Thyroid function. Too much iodine or even too little of iodine can send our Thyroid spiraling. Speaking from experience it is pretty important that we keep our Thyroid in check as much as possible since it controls so many different aspects of regulating body function + metabolism.  I always recommend doing your own research + talking with your health provider especially if you have a history of Thyroid issues. In general the rule of thumb is to not exceed 1-2 tablespoons or 4-8 grams per day of sea moss.

Look for wildcrafted and properly sourced, this particular strand really comes from only a certain part of the world (typically along the Atlantic Coast of Europe + North America). Above all things do your research before purchasing.

Where can I purchase

Sea Moss can be found and purchased at  most local natural grocery stores and some health food stores depending on where you live. It is more common to find sea moss in the capsule/pill form and a less common to find the raw form in store (again based on where you live).   All forms of sea moss can be purchased online, and because this is so important I need to mention again that you want to be careful and double check the sourcing of where the moss is coming from and ensure that it is always Wildcrafted before you buy.

Do yourself a huge favor and definitely check out the amazing benefits of Sea Moss. I have been using both gel + capsules versions for the last 8 years to help manage Graves. I believe that taking the step to add this nutrient powerhouse along with a plant based diet and yoga has helped me to be medication free for the last 4 years. In my opinion it is definitely worth researching.


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