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Energetically Grounding

How I start the week is extremely important. My Mondays set the tone for how the rest of my week will go energetically. If Monday flies by, everything happens without a hitch, Im optimistic about the rest of the week to follow. In the same breath if my Monday is full of hiccups, detours + the unexpected then Im energetically drained right at the start of the week. Because I am aware of how important the way I begin my week is to my energy + mindset, I take extra steps to ground and protect my energy on Mondays.

Grounding provides us with the tools needed to protect our energy. When we are grounded we are rooted within ourselves. Rooted and secure within our body, soul + mind in perfect alignment. One Mondays I set time aside just prior to times that are normally high stressed during my day to ground.

Monday Grounding

Morning Grounding: (Affirmations) This can be anything that makes you feel secure + grounded. Examples ” I am calm and centered in my body”, ” I am grounded and secure”, “I am peace”.

Afternoon Grounding: (Nature) Sitting with the back up against a tree, in the grass or even barefoot. Connecting with nature in some way. Breathing deeply knowing that you are grounded and supported in each breath.

Evening Grounding: (Meditation) Guided or sitting quietly allowing the day to ease away with each breath. Yoga as movement meditation allowing the body to flow and move.

Now while these are actions that you could take at any time during the week to ground energetically, I find them extremely helpful on Mondays when setting the tone for the week. Taking just 5-10 min of your day to ground can potentially renew the mind and boost energy.

What things do you do when you want to ground?

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