Journey to the Mat

Why Pilates?

Since I can remember, Ive always had a plan for my life and what is should look like.  These last 4 years has basically laughed in my face and said f*ck your plans lol. After many setbacks, some self afflicted and most just how the cookie crumbles I am starting on a new journey yet again, but this time with clear direction of who I am verses who I have been told to be my entire life. I have always had a love for fitness in one capacity or another, playing softball for more than half my life from childhood, running on the cross country team in college, and your typical gym rat all and in between.

The summer of 2018 I took a Pilates class and instantly fell in complete love! I love every single aspect whether its Mat, Reformer or Tower, each and every part woke my senses and made me have that deep love of my body again. After months of going and leaving it all on the Mat, I had this sinking feeling this is what I was suppose to do with my life. So I did what any sensible person would do in 2018, I got on the google to research how I could transform my love into a career.  Now mind you by this time in my life I have had ALL kinds of jobs so Ive done the leg work on making a whole lot of money while hating what I do, making a little money and not really hating what I do but not really loving it either. I figured that if I could make even what I make now (yes even with that $5 pay cut) and actually love love deep down in my soul what I do I would be happy.

So the major things I found most surprising about Pilates is its a pretty badass program to go through.  Especially if you go about it the correct way, now Im sure you could go to a chain studio like Pure Barre or somewhere like that and get a certificate after a weekend to teach there BUT to go through the classical training and get PMA certified (this is like top shelf), you really gotta work your butt off.  Im gonna lean in and be honest with you, Ive been to alot of studios and you can clearly tell the difference in instructors that have gone through the rigorous trainings and those that may have gotten a certificate over a weekend bootcamp not to mention the instructors who actually love what they do vs the ones who are just there (and girl I get it, Ive had a ton of jobs that I was just there).

I thought because I lived in a very major city, I mean who has never heard of Charlotte NC? That it would be easy to locate a place to be trained appropriately in my pursuit of all things Pilates. Well, it isnt as easy as it would be if I lived in lets say NYC as far as the traditional classical training goes. In my research I did find that there are a ton of individual studios that offer those weekend certifications which is ok if you are into that sort of thing.  The pro’s to taking that route is if that particular studio is looking to hire you are 1 step ahead of the curve by training with them. The major con to that route is, it doesnt really translate if they are not hiring and you want to work at another studio because 9 times out of 10 they wont take that certification and will require you to go through theirs. So there are a ton of variables and routes a person could take and it really is based on the end goal and what you want out of your training.

After a ton of research I finally decided on Power Pilates program because of their bases of more Classical training as well as power training. I am very proud to announce that I will be starting my very 1st step and taking certification for Mat I this month. Wish me luck!!

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