Traveling During a Pandemic

As the world begins to slowly reopen traveling may be something you might want to begin to consider, with some precaution of course.

Full transparency, I have always been a nervous traveler, even pre-rona. Something about leaving my safe space of home and going to another location really plays on my anxiety. Part of that anxiety was due to of course, all of the unknowns that come with traveling. Luckily there are some unknowns that you can easily dismiss by checking head of time such as the weather, traffic delays or reroutes.

Prepare + Plan

With Covid in play + varying restrictions from state to state, there are a whole new set of unknowns of getting from point A to point B. To help ease any anxieties that you may be having around traveling as of now (cause we know things change day by day) here are a few things to keep in mind:


Pack your own Sanitation: Equip yourself with Clorox or disinfectant wipes of choice to wipe all the surfaces around you as you go. If traveling via plane or public transportation, use wipes to sanitize your area by wiping down seats, arm rest etc. Wipes can be used for door handles, counters anything that other people may touched or common touch areas. Don’t forget your hand sanitizer!

Immune System Boost: I am all about boosting my immune system in my daily life but when it comes to the days leading up to travel I kick it up a notch. Maintaining good sleeping habits, eating properly and having good hygiene are great ways to keep the Immune System in check. Adding nutrient dense supplements such as vitamins can give your body extra support.

During Trip

Practice Good Hygiene: Wash your hands. Every. Single. Time. As silly has that sounds, it still has to be said. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds using soap + warm water. Avoid touching sensitive areas. Don’t touch your face, eyes or put your hands in your mouth while out and about.

Beware of High Traffic Zones + Be Smart: Take extra precautions when coming in contact with areas that are high traffic such as restrooms. Touch as LITTLE as possible in these instances. Use your wipes to open doors. Most restrooms have sensors on the sinks, dryers and even toilets. If it doesn’t have a sensor use your wipe. Avoid crowds and don’t take on any unnecessary risk. BE prepared to wear your mask when interacting with people or going into places.

Bring SNACKS: The type of food and or the amount of food that may be available can vary from state to state as places are reopening on modified basis.

Additional Tips
Planes + Trains Vs. Cars + Campers

Airlines + Train/bus transport have slowly begun re-opening and allowing for modified travel. Now while it may be a very long time before I am on an actual plane, train or bus (we are a big roadtrip family) here are some things that I have found out about public transportation.

As ALWAYS double check your specific airline or method of travel for details on how they are handling traveling and what to expect as these details continue to change. A special note: There is a self quarantine requirement for people who reside in “hot spot” states before they are permitted to enter other states so please keep that in mind.

Nonetheless here are some basics, that were were the same across the board with traveling.

Public Transportation
  1. Bring snacks- most eateries in airports, bus stops etc have not re-opened or are opened on a very modified basis meaning not a lot of choices. Bring food and or snacks in the event of travel delays.
  2. Prepare to wear your mask- Masks are currently being required to be worn the ENTIRE time you are in airport, train and/or bus stations with the exception of when you are eating or if under the age of 2.
  3. Overall Limited Services- To decrease potential contact special services have either been eliminated altogether or reduced considerably. Bag service, drink service etc may all have limitations or not be available at all, even in 1st class.
  4. Filtered Air- Most airlines are providing filtered air that is refreshed consistently, however it is not clear that the same is being done for for other methods of travel.
  5. Seat Blocking- Some public transportation methods are making adjustments to accommodate for social distancing, however check with your specific airline or transportation method to get specifics on seat blocking and sanitation guidelines.
Cars + Campers
  1. Food and snacks- Prepare as much of the food that you will be eating on your trip as possible (think picnic in the car). This is ideal to limit the number of stops as well as contact with others.
  2. Map it out. Map every single thing out, gas stations, restrooms etc. Again this is all based on not knowing exactly what will be open and for how long as many places are operating on modified schedules. Aim for stops that can satisfy majority of your needs in one stop.
  3. Masked up: Be prepared to wear your mask in all places outside of your car. More and more businesses are making it a requirement to have a mask on before entering and to receive services.

Now while travel right now isnt super ideal + it definitely doesnt look how it did only 6 short months ago, it is still doable. With some caution coupled with a little planning there is totally a way to go about it safely. Remember we are embracing this “new” normal while keeping ourselves safe. If you dont have to travel awesome, Stay home + be Safe. IF you do decide to travel I hope these tips were helpful.

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