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A day off during the week, no negotiations

Currently I work in a virtual office where I have the pleasure of creating my own work schedule how I deem fit from week to week. Which has been one of the best things for my family, especially when I was a single parent. Up and until that dreaded Oct 2018 meeting this meant I really could have my most ideal schedule that really worked around my family allowing for some amazing Work, Life, Balance.  Now with the changes I still have the pleasure of creating my own schedule from week to week, the twist now is the number of hours available are extremely decreased for my team. Which makes it very difficult to schedule what I would love to have. Now mind you its still far better than going into a brick and motar and having to be there at a specific time and you dont have a say so in when you work.

So fast forward after a few weeks of pulling split shifts between morning and afternoons and some weekends I had had enough!  My household suffered in a way that sometimes I wouldnt be able to have dinner with my family, go to the store or help with the homework because I was working. Also my workouts had started to suffer because I was just drowning trying to keep everything afloat. Something needed to change, I was literally overwhelmed.  I made a decision.

I decided that I needed a day off lol; for so long I would always make sure I had Saturdays off so that would be the day I could spend with my family.  But the gotcha with that is I am an empath, on top of being a Libra with a dash of introvert, who can mimic an extrovert. If you didnt follow all of that, basically I need alone time from time to time to recharge. If I dont get that time and space just to be alone to do whatever, those crazy hectic days become that much longer and I dont do myself or my family any justice. Each and everyone in my household deserves the best version of me and I know how to balance to provide that best version.

Now I know all of that sounded very inspirational and hallmark channel lol but truth be told I didnt come to this conclusion on my own.  I actually found out on a fluke of a chance happening. In another week of scheduling chaos, I found myself off on a random Wednesday. My Girl was at school, husbae was at work and I found myself at home completely alone with the trio (pets) and NOT  working! I took that day to do things I hadnt had a chance to do, like take a nap lol, I went to Pilates, got some Starbucks and read a little in a book that was gifted to me for Christmas. I made it to carpool so early I was able to sit in the car and have a late lunch while finishing my book. By the time My Girl was in the car and husbae was home I was really charged in a way to be my best self.

Now each Wednesday looks different for me on the things I will get done or not on my day off. Some days I meet with friends and have Brunch, or I might catch a movie Ive been wanting to see,I write for my blog or I put on sweats and binge watch something on Netflix.  All I know is making sure I have a day off to recharge myself has really improved my overall mental and physical health. And the bonus of it all is it also breaks up my work week schedule, so nothing but #Winning all around.

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