Souls Medicine

A 8 week spiritual container for the unappreciated super heroes, caregivers, and the behind the sceners to tap into their inner knowing creating daily routine anchors that activate and ignite a deeper connection with self so they may reclaim their birth right of authenticity and self care.

Are you Ready for Clarity?

Small intentional steps towards self is what moves the needle in dynamic self care + creating the inner medicine that speaks to your soul. Your own Souls’ Medicine.

Does this sound like you?

  • Have trouble setting boundaries

  • Feeling mentally + emotionally blocked throughout the day
  • It feels impossible to make time to connect with yourself

  • You feel disconnected + out of alignment 

  • You want to create rituals and routines that anchor your days
  • Have trouble communicating needs

  • Feel burned out from being the “Superhero”


is for the conscious, overworked superhero who is ready for radical self love that allows them to live from a place of authenticity, move past resistance energies, create healthy boundaries and align with their unique purpose.

You Will Get 8 Weeks of

Weekly Lessons

Weekly lessons located in your person student portal.  Each lesson will include a video lesson, workbooks, meditation, checklist (PDF Printout), weekly journal prompts and self paced practices to help you to begin building routine and rituals.


Collective Support

8 WEEKLY virtual calls with the collective (peers on this journey with you).  During the calls we will go over the lesson for the week to offer a deeper connection and support.  Each call will provide elements of encouragement + motivation to help you stay accountable and focused on your your personal goals

Private Community

A way to continue to connect with high energy! A collective of healing superhero’s on the same path of reigniting + connecting with self through our private Facebook & IG group.

Private 1 on 1 Call

1 (60 min) 1:1 call with Denawa to get clear on blockages, personalize focus areas, emotional release and spiritual support as you connect deeper to Self

Week 1

Week 5

Be Here Now

Trust Your Intuition

Week 2

Week 6

Rituals + Routines

Week 3

Creating Anchors & Boundaries

Week 4

Spiritual Toolkit

Week 7

Connecting to your Higher Self

Week 8


Spiritual Ascension

Intentional with your Focus

It’s time to step into your birth right and focus on self care + HEALING.

Begin to cultivate trust with self + your inner knowing.

Release the narratives keeping you from showing up for yourself.

To gain more clarity than before with deeper connection of self + self care that is grounded in your unique purpose.

Curated to support the process of recognizing and creating your dynamic souls’ medicine. 

The purpose of this 8 week series is to deepen the  sacred union between the mind and body through rituals and routines that call in more abundance, joy and peace into your life.
Through this series you will begin to connect back to who you are being called to be. You will be equipped with the tools needed to break free of patterns and mindsets and empowered  to trust your innate inner strength and knowing.

What would it feel like

  • To call in more abundance, joy + peace 

  • Deepen radical self love + live from a place of authenticity 

  • Have a self care practice that is grounded in your unique purpose

  • Gain clarity with a deeper connection with self

  • Create sustainable rituals + routines that that align with your wellbeing

  • Holistically cultivate your Souls Medicine

Meet your Guide

Hi, I’m Denawa Deniece

As a Holistic Wellness Practitioner, I support the overworked unappreciated superheroes who are interested in wellness + spirituality in reclaiming their birth rights of self care and ritual by leading them back to their spirits and reminding them of their inner knowing.

The common thread to each my personal + professional experiences has been the desire to serve, support and empower others. My goal is to cultivate a holistic healing space that provides the tools for sustainable generational wellbeing

Do you feel the call of something more?

Deepen the  sacred union between the mind + body through rituals that call in more abundance, joy + peace into your life. Connect back to who you are being called to be.  Its time to break free of patterns + mindsets that hinder your growth. Ignite your inner strength and knowing.

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