Personal Growth

3 Percent

Its funny how my family was formed, how our paths crossed and we all came to be. After the last few years I have just 1 lonely takeaway…….. this isssh is hard y’all!!! Being blended is HARD, every aspect of it is trying and down right difficult. AND is one of the most hardest things Ive ever done and Ive gone through labor. Having a child from a previous relationship is the most obvious along with the fact that we are an interracial couple, yes those things place strain. But its the other stuff that no one tells you about. Like how you both view money, the fact that your sweet baby girl will become this ticking time bomb of emotions, or the fact the differences and preference of a person could grow and change over the years.

Preferences is such an odd thing isnt it? When I was a kid I absolutely hated tomatoes and mushrooms, today I eat them weekly in some form or fashion. A person never really notices a preference change until after it happens and then most of the time if they really think about it, the preference was more than likely a push from their up bringing. When I was a kid there were plenty of things we didnt eat, try or go to based off my parents preferences. For instance I had never had Sushi until I went to college because Sushi wasnt my moms thing. I mean dont get me wrong we went places where there were Sushi but based on her upbringing she thought that all Sushi was raw fish. She never questioned it, never ventured out to try it and just passed the same preference to us. I, a rebellious child decided from the start to question and try everything LOL.

Living in Charlotte so far from my family has given me many opportunities to update my own preferences on so many things. Drama Tween is a constant changing of preferences from one minute to the next, the Minions (pets) are in their own world with their own quirkiness in the race to be Alpha lol and Husbae is trying his best meanwhile I balance it all.

That being said Blending is HARD but 2019 is the year of me. The year that I be a little selfish in putting my needs ahead at least 3% of the time. It is perfectly fine if we order Postmates 2xs a week, or that it takes me 2 weeks to actually put my clean clothes away. You know why? Well its because instead of folding and putting my things away I went to yoga to center myself. Yep I sure did, and you know what? It probably saved that lady’s life at Starbucks when she messed up my order after I repeated it 3xs. Yep because I was so Zen from yoga, I was unbothered. Instead of making it to the grocery store I took the pets for a run, which helped them be chill for the afternoon and I didnt have to threaten to get rid of them to again.

At the end of the day we all go through constant changes, that can affect our mood, preferences or even interrupt the entire day and thats ok. This is our life to live and story to tell.

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