Holistic Self Care

A holistic lifestyle in its simplest form is the treatment of the whole person, by taking into account mental + social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms.

This is for you

Are you suffering from energy blocks, unhealthy relationship with self or feel like something needs to change but are unsure what that is?

Holistic Self Care 

A method of self care that focuses on the care of the body, mind and soul with an approach of evaluating ones environment. With a holistic or full view approach to self care, one can begin to rewrite their own narrative, break generational curses and begin to cultivate self care practices and rituals that revitalizes inner power and wisdom.  Self Care is your Birth Right

My Purpose

My purpose is to connect you to who you are called to be and to empower you to trust your innate strength by pouring back into self first. As a holistic mentor and self care advocate with an intuitive understanding of restoring the mind, body and spirit I am here to guide with two offerings.

Holistic Wellness

Energy + Clarity

Woman practicing meditation


Curated to open up your awareness to the places in your life that need healing and/or change to better serve you in this season. The purpose of these sessions is to assist you with moving FORWARD with clarity and understanding of what you are feeling energetically.


Created with the focus on the energetic messages received, steps needed to manage your energy + begin to create a new narrative of well-being.


Break free of negative patterns and mindsets by creating dynamic rituals of self care


Cultivate positive habits to create positive mindset that refuels + replenishes


Restore balance and begin to live a life that you desire

Who this is for

-People that feel like they need some emotional support and do not know where to start


-People that want a solid self care routine that replenishes and renews


-People who would like to try a holistic approach to self care therapy

Who this isnt for

-People who are not interested in doing self development work


-People who are not open minded to try new things


-People who expect change in their lives without taking the steps

About the Sessions

Pre- Session

Prior to your session with Denawa Deniece you will be sent some tools to help you prepare and get the most out of your session.

During Session

During your session with Denawa Deniece, there will be a unique mixture of techniques including talk therapy, meditation, energy clearing and journeying within. Each session takes place virtually over ZOOM from the comfort of your own home or office. 

Post Session

Take what you serves you.  Some clients have found that one session has been exactly what they need. Other clients Denawa Deniece has been working with for a period of 6 months.  Each individual is different and is empowered to choose how often or how regular support is needed. 


Session time can vary.  Initial session is 90 min long.  Additional Energy + Clarity sessions are 60 min long.  All sessions are virtual over ZOOM.

Initial Healing Sessions are designed to provide space for us to determine if future sessions will be a good fit.  

Each session is tailored to meet you needs. Sessions will be a unique mixture of techniques including talk therapy, meditation, energy clearing and journeying within. No two sessions will look the same.

This is completely depended on your personal situation. Some clients have found what they needed in just one session, while Ive worked with other clients for over a 6 months time period. 

Reschedule your appointment right from the client portal! All purchases are final and will not be refunded.

Each session is curated for healing and because of that these are private sessions and no one outside of myself and you are allowed to attend. Please be sure to come prepared with a open heart + mind, water and maybe a journal for any notes you may want to take.

Please remember when booking a reservation you are “blocking” a specific time. Because of that there are no refunds. If there are changes that need to be made or rescheduling please do so prior to 72hrs before the scheduled date and time. Failure to do so will result in a $35 rescheduling fee

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