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Embrace Change in 7 Steps

There is nothing more permanent in life except change. This idea is presented to us every single day in so many ways. Change is inevitable. Big or small, change could really not give two F’s on the when and the where. Embracing change is where the real work takes place.

The thing about change is everyone is dealing with it all the time. Each and every one of us is coping with change at various degrees in our own individual lives. Whats super unique about right now is although we have ALWAYS gone through change collectively on our own. It is in these last few days that we all understand and recognize that we are all going through something right now in this moment together.

So what do we do? Well, we strap down and we push forward. Change will happen and it will happen. ALL. the. time. There really isnt a perfect moment for change. We have to come to terms with that and take the steps to embrace the change.

How do you embrace change?

Having a mindset shift

Embracing change is all about acknowledging that things are different and continuing to move forward. For some, embracing change is totally about finding your edge. Acknowledging that edge and pushing a tad bit past it, then a tad bit more. Expanding within yourself while continuously growing and adapting along the way. Embracing change and adapting are essential in personal development. Having the ability to adapt and maneuver in any situation adds to our personal “toolkit” of coping management.

Where to begin is one of the most challenging parts of embracing change. Its natural to want to push against change. To rebel in some aspects of the “new norm” while clinging to what once was. Often times in a rush to skip through the uncomfortable parts one may give up all together. The very 1st step to embracing change is acknowledging that there is change. Sounds too easy right? Well how many of you have ignored something that was right there in your face? Gotten mail that you knew was a bill but didn’t open it? Had a little cold, but powered through? We are all guilty of it. Taking that moment to say, hey, I get that this is different or not my norm begins your process to pivot and embrace. Here are some great tips that I use to embrace change.

Embracing Change
Change is a mere, bump in the road.

Embracing Change

  1. Rational Thinking:
    • Easier said than done right? So we have talked about being resistant to change. When something is new or different, taking a moment to pause + take inventory of your thoughts and fears is key. What is making you resistant to the change? Are there other solutions or steps you can take to reach the same results? Is the fear or the feeling of uneasiness rational and based on facts? Or are our feelings based on “influence” i.e. something we have heard or seen to fuel that fear.
  1. Finding Solutions:
    • Set yourself up for success. So the change is here, now what? Brainstorm solutions and ideas that can help you pivot. Most of the time there are several and I mean several ways to get things done. It may take some out of the box thinking but there is always a solution. For example your favorite gym near your house closes. It throws off your normal routine and the nearest gym is completely out of the way. Instead, maybe you do your workouts at home, or you change they type of workout for the time being. If you wanted to really get creative, maybe you change up your routine so the other gym now fits into your schedule.
  1. Implement solutions (1 at a time):
    • This is so very important and goes hand in hand with embracing change. To prevent scattered focus, try to implement 1 new solution to your change at a time. It is wonderful to have ambition and maybe want to try out all the solutions at once, but keep in mind we want to set ourselves up for success. A scattered focus or adding too many solutions at one time can add more chaos to a situation that has already been changed. Embracing change isn’t something that you want to force to be successful. How you embrace change adds to personal growth and how you react to things as a whole.
  1. Communicate:
    • Be open about what your needs to be successful. There is no reason to embrace change all alone. Get support of people who want to help you succeed. Like with anything in this life, it truly takes a village and a support system to reach results. You would be surprised at how many people in your life want to see you succeed! Be open and honest about how you feel and what you need to embrace the changes that you may be experiencing.
  2. Tools:
    • Embracing change can be done using tools! Use tools to help you stay on track, ease into the change and stay motivated. Tools such as lists and journals can be very helpful during change. A place to record your feelings or to write what solutions you may have tried. Using tools can not only help you embrace change but also help you track your progress in terms of what has worked and what has not. Writing things down is also a great way to reflect, take inventory and to look back on to see how far you have come.
  1. Acceptance:
    • Embracing change can be tough and down right hard. Understanding that sometimes even the most solid plan can change in the blink of an eye. Don’t let the possibility of change set you back or make you give up. Take any potential setback as part of your “experience” belt and try again with a different or tweaked approach.
  1. Ignoring resistance:
    • Resistance is something that can come naturally. As humans it is easy to get boggle down on “things that arent right”. Dont stand in your own way by getting hung up on “what changed”. Sometimes we have to encourage ourselves to keep pushing forward.

Tying it all Together

Embracing change is a huge part of personal growth and personal development. Change often time is us pushing past our own comfort zones. Without taking steps and being able to pivot when the plan changes we can potentially leave ourselves “stuck” developmentally. Without lifes curve balls and taking steps to pivot we put limits on the possibility for our lives. It’s essentially saying “No” before the question is even asked. Or us saying we dont have the ability to be flexible when changes occur.

As with all things embracing change can be very scary! Truth be told sometimes the very best things that can happen to us, are right in that moment of change. The best and most meaningful experiences can happen when we are uncomfortable. The only way to grow is to test your limits and to keep pushing those limits. Embracing change is a tool to help you continue to reach for new heights.

How are you embracing change? Comment below! I would love to know what has worked for you.

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  • pashminagirl12

    I loved reading your post. Change is the only constant & yes we must embrace it. I’m constantly making efforts to do that sometimes I succeed the other times i dont. But i keeps going.. i write the change im looking for and plan gradual steps .. writing helps me act on it& constantly remind.

    • denawaa

      Im right there with you! Sometimes I am successful other times, I get in my own way lol but its about keep pushing and keep trying. Its one of those constant steps we will all have to take.

  • Richa MIna

    the way you’ve summarize the post it seems easy enough when i know that resistance is the most difficult step to overcome. it’s difficult to ignore and the negativity almost always causes us to quit the change even when we’re willing to accept it.
    great post and totally apt.

    • denawaa

      I completely agree! The resistance part is super natural and comes up so easily in just about every action. Takes some work to move past that initial part

  • Vidya Sury

    I guess it all begins with accepting and embracing any change that we have to deal with. Resisting the inevitable only causes pain and discomfort. These seven steps are pretty spot on, Denawa. And it is so good to see you back <3

  • Shilpa Garg

    Well said. The only constant in life is change, so we must accept and embrace it with grace. Accepting the change and following it with positive coping strategies should be the way forward. I like the 7 steps to embrace change you have suggested. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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