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Self Care : Quarantine Edition

Depending on where you live, you may have been stuck inside for at least a week. Here in Charlotte NC we have been home for a little over 2 weeks with 28 days to go (as of now). If you know me then you know that Self Care is my jam, my love language + the way that I take care of my mental, physical and emotional well being. Self Care is so much more than a mani pedi. (Truth moment, I wouldn’t turn down a pedicure right now)

We cant do well, when we dont feel well
Self Care is IMPORTANT

Taking the time to take care of you is always important. Especially right now during this season of isolation + less physical contact. We have to be sure that we are remembering to honor our own needs, ya know keeping our cups full. Remember self care isn’t just the pampering, its a whole mental, emotional + physical package. It is maintenance for these different aspects of our lives. So basically yea, it’s essential.

Self care looks different to each person, just as anything else. What each of us need to feel safe, secure and happy will be different. What helps maintain me in my safe, secure and happy space, may physically look different from you + even the next person.

Even with all the preferences that come with individual self care there are some core practices that are universal for most.

No matter what your pre- cabin fever self care needs were here are a few practices worth adding to your week to help recharge your batteries, mentally, emotionally and physically. Taking everyday things + adding a little razzle dazzle to up your quarantine cabin fever self care.

Self Care Ideas

essential oils are wonderful to add extra boost to bedtime and bath time self care

Quality Sleep: Yes, good sleep all on its own is self care. Take sleeping to the next level with a little effort.

  • Add essential oils to your bedtime routine to add a level of lavishness and comfort. I suggest lavender or even frankincense essential oils for a calming night. Take a few drops and rub on the soles of your feet before bed. For an added bonus add a few drops to your pillow case.
virtual drinks can give the feeling of being connected while at home- Feeling connected is par of self care

Virtual Happy Hours: Connect with friends over a cocktail, mocktail and snacks!

  • Grab your favorite beverage, a snack and your BFF virtually. Chat drink and catch up with “face to face” time with a person you enjoy. I had a virtual “happy hour” on Monday and it was so very fun!
Taking time to put ourselves together is a form of self care

Get dressed: When you look good you feel good.

  • Notice you haven’t put on anything but sweats in a few days? Just because you are not going anywhere, that doesn’t mean you cant get dressed up. Take the time to put yourself together and do it up! With the added bonus of NOT feeling rushed to get out the door. This is also a good time to play with looks you have been wanting to try.
Our space, house energy. Take time to shake things up with intention. Self Care

Feng Shui: Reorganizing at its best!

  • Re-organizing your space with intention can change the entire vibe of the space. Get rid of things that no longer work and take the time to organize your space to provide you the most energy. Anytime we switch things around I feel light and refreshed.

Filling our cup

Finding and making the time for self care was completely a thing just 2 weeks ago. Now that we have all the time in the world, lets do what we can to be sure that we are making sure our personal cup of self is full! Wanting a few more ideas on what you can do during this time? Here are some acts of self care that have been heavy in rotation for me over the last 2 weeks.

  1. Unplug- Information overload. Nothing will drive you more crazy than hearing the same information fifty-eleven times. Step away.
  2. Experiment- Got a drawer full of samples? Lotions, face masks, hair products. Test them out!
  3. Nature- Garden, plan a picnic. Get outside. Even if its in your own yard. Lay in the grass, create a little wine + cheese situation
  4. Cook- If getting busy in the kitchen is your thing, this is the perfect opportunity to try out all those recipes you have been saving
  5. Move- Get up and get moving, walk, run, yoga. Dance, movement equals endorphins, play your favorite music and let the beat take you
  6. Dream- write your goals, things you want and how you want your future to look. Create or revamp your vision board
  7. List- Grab any “to do” list that you may have created for 2020 and start marking things off. If you didnt create one see # 6 and create one
  8. Educate- take an online course or do research on a topic that you have always wanted to know more on
  9. Meditate- take a mental break from yourself
  10. Read- Create a cozy corner, and take a mental break from everyone and everything

What are some things you are doing to meet your self care needs while being stuck inside?


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