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A Few Changes

And just like that here we are Welcoming August! I know I cant be the only one feeling like this year is just speeding right on by. Regardless if it seems like August came out of no where or whether you feel like this is the longest year ever, this is it, here we are.

If you happen to be a new reader, in July I participated in a blogging consistency challenge where essentially I posted a new blog post every weekday M-F. We completed the challenge last week + I needed a few days to wrap my head around what I actually learned.

Can we have a truth moment? Of course we can. So this challenge was HARD. And not for the obvious reasons you may think, like having content written for each day. That part was pretty easy. Here is a fun fact that you may not know about bloggers/writers. We always have drafts. As a writer, we get ideas and begin to write them out and for whatever reason we dont finish or publish. I cant speak for other writers, but at least for myself , I had plenty of drafts + still do if Im ever in a pinch.

The hard part was realizing that I had grown past some of the topics I use to love writing about. On top of having a desire to write about new topics seemed scary. The ole impostor syndrome. Any kind of growth or change especially when its within yourself can seem wrong. Instinctively we push against growth because it is foreign. And we play it safe by not trying things that are new.

When I created this blog, I was at the beginning of my teaching journey + my exploration of being more intentional with how I cared + loved myself.

Now while my teaching journey is still very important to me, the topics that ignite me in this season in my life have changed.

So there will be a few changes to the blog going forward + I wanted to let you know what to expect!

Changes Moving Forward

Posting schedule

Posting 5 times a week for the long haul in this season in my life is not sustainable. In true transparency I have a few things coming up + I dont want to over commit. The DramaTeen starts school in 10 days and I begin Prenatal yoga teacher training in 11. Both virtual.

I also think that my previous posting amount was not enough. Going forward you can expect a new post 2-3x a week. Always on Monday + Friday. No changes to the weekly newsletter, it will continue to go out every single Sunday.

Things That Will Stay The Same
  1. Personal Development Content. I am in forever pursuit of being the best version of myself + I love sharing any information that I feel is valuable and helpful. Mindful Living content will merge with Personal Development.
  2. Self Care + Meditation will remain!
Things That Will Leave
  1. Yoga. I love yoga, teach yoga + do yoga in my every day life. It is my belief that yoga is a form of self care. I will continue to provide content in that aspect as well as the aspect of someone going through prenatal yoga teacher training. Yoga will still exist on the site, it just wont be a stand alone topic.
  1. More food based content. Not in a food blogger type of way at all. On my IG I post alot of what I eat or make and often I get questions. So each week there may be a recipe of the week post. Again NOT a food blogger, very much a home cook.
  2. PLANT content! Another topic that I get lots of questions about + is my absolute favorite hobby. Ill share tips, tricks, things that I know + resources. This content will not be weekly.
  3. More personal in the life content. Ill be going through a different journey with training, homeschooling + balancing it all. Will share whats working/not working.

In the up coming days I will be making changes to the site to reflect the new categories :). I am super excited about this new season in my life and where we are here in this community! Ill see you next week 🙂

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