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10 Affirmations to Say Every Day for a happier well-being

Affirmations are much more than chants or short statements you repeat to yourself. A simple habit of speaking positivity and prosperity over yourself has the ability to boost your mood and begin to incorporate a healthier and happier overall mindset. I have provided 10 affirmations that you can say at any time during the day, I personally prefer to say my affirmations first thing in the morning to set the tone of my day.

I was re-reminded about the power of affirmations a few years back when watching this show “Being MaryJane” ( show has since been cancelled). On this show the main character MJ, creates sticky notes with different words of inspirations and encouragement. She places her sticky notes pretty much everywhere in her house (not in a hoarding kind of way). Throughout the show, she comes across the sticky notes just when she needs some inspiration or encouragement. In true tv magic the sticky note always goes with the situation at hand and provides her with the boost she needs to fight another day. I actually started placing sticky notes on my bathroom mirror with affirmations written on them shortly after that show started and began seeing a shift within myself as affirmations became apart of my mindfulness practice.

Each morning while I brush my teeth, I repeat each affirmation that was placed the night before (sometimes I only add 1 new one) . I switch my affirmations around as I need them, change the ones already up and add ones as needed to help me stay encouraged during the week.

These are just a few of my favorites that you can use and/or tweak to fit your needs. This week I challenge you to come up with at least 3 affirmations that speak to you.

Abundance will continue to show up in my life.
I will succeed because I am focused + passionate about my goals
I am abundant in __ (i.e. in love, happiness, joy, success, etc.)
I am worthy of great things in my life.
I am excited about the person I am becoming.
I am strong because I choose strength.
I am capable of change.
Love surrounds me in every way.
I speak my truth, my wants, my needs, my desires.
I am enough.

What are some of your affirmations?

I hope you are able to add a few affirmations in your daily routine and I would LOVE to hear what affirmations you came up with in the comments section.


  • fosheela

    Wow. I love affirmations and these 10 are just amazing and so inspiring! I love how you ended it with the quote I am enough. I’m always telling myself this every day. Thank you for your awesome post!

    • denawaa

      There has been many days that affirmations have carried me through. There is something about a word of encouragement in general but I think there is so much more power when the encouragement is coming from yourself.

  • writershilpa

    For me, “You are awesome” and “You are not alone” are the words I begin my day with. Each morning when I look into the mirror, this is what I tell myself and it feels so good!
    And, whenever I feel low or gloomy, I repeat to myself, “You got this”, or “You can do this, girl”. These affirmations have a superb effect on the mind and as you said, you begin noticing the shift in yourself soon.

  • Rajlakshmi

    I have seen few of my friends do the sticky note thing. They usually have it stuck in the bathroom or on the mirror in the bedroom. These are beautiful positive affirmations. I love the ones about strength as currently that’s what I am working todays. Just reading them here makes me feel so good. 😊

    • denawaa

      thats exactly what I love! Its not a whole lot of effort but tiny bread crumbs of what you can do to give yourself a boost. I even have a little paper in my wallet that says ” You are enough” that I carry around. Small steps to a better well being.

  • nicolepinpalmedia

    I LOVE affirmations! They are such a great way to start the day and get yourself into a positive mindset. I started using them about a year ago during my morning gratitude practice and they completely changed my life.

  • Lynne Huysamen

    This is a fantastic idea Denawa – I love the idea of having positive affirmations around my home! I also was thinking of a way to get my kids into positive affirmations and I think sticking a new one up in the bathroom for them (and me) to find and read each morning will be so much fun and help us all get off to the best start possible. It will also give them a great reason to go into the bathroom to brush their teeth hahaha. Some mornings this can be a challenge with 2 young kids!
    My favourite out of all yours listed is “I am worthy of great things in my life.” I love them all but that one is the one that speaks to me right now.

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