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Getting the Most out of Meditation

By now we all know the benefits of meditation + the ability to quiet the mind during times of difficulty.  What some may not know if you are newer to the meditation world, is half the magic and benefits are found in creating the perfect space for meditation. Don’t get me wrong, meditation can be done anywhere. However to get the most bang for your buck it is ideal to have a suitable space to reap those benefits. Today I want to give you my 3 Tips on creating that perfect space for meditation and reflection. Each of the tips are centered around being comfortable in whichever environment you choose.

Tip #1 

Location, Location, Location

Now while, there is nothing wrong with meditating any and everywhere, there are a few things to keep in mind especially for consistency + the long haul. Choose a space that is not your workspace. Since alot of us are still at home and/or working from home due to Covid, it is important to have a space that is separate. Having that separate space helps to put you in the the right mindset for meditating. If you do not have the ability for whatever reason to meditate outside of the area that you may work in, you could get creative by positioning yourself where you don’t see your work area. This may be as simple as turning your back to the computer or desk.  The main idea is you don’t “see” the work area so that you may fully lock in on your meditation practice. 

Tip #2

Regulate Temps

The temperature of the space you choose is also important and ties in with the idea of choosing a space that is comfortable. Ideally meditating and reflecting can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as an hour (give or take). Keeping the temperature regulated not only helps you to be in the mindset of meditating but also helps you stay present in your practice.  Having the temperature too warm or even too cool can cause the mind to wonder more than normal. Thoughts will come + go, that is expected. You don’t want those thoughts to be about whether you are feeling too hot or cold. 

Tip # 3

Cater to the senses

During meditation the senses are heighten. Think about it, you are sitting quietly, exploring breath and allowing thoughts to move freely.  During this time, we hear, smell and feel all the things at once because we have slowed down.  Because senses play a huge role in any meditation practice taking time to cater to those senses can provide you with best experience. Catering to your senses can be as simple or as complex as you need. This can very well be lighting a candle that relaxes you when you smell it, or even using a singing bowl or sound waves

Keeping these 3 tips in mind during each practice will begin to help with consistency when meditating.  The more consistent you are in your practice the more you are able to reap the benefits that mediating brings.

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