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Balancing Mind, Body+ Spirit Virtually

Balancing mentally, spiritually and physically fit while staying inside has never been this easy! So many resources have either fully migrated over to virtual or have made modifications to offer contactless options. Wellness resources of all shapes and sizes are stepping up in innovation. If you are anything like me then you probably have a few different health + wellness apps on your phone. I love a good wellness app! I have tried them all, from running to yoga + even meditation.

What I love about virtual wellness, is it really removes any excuses. Having the ability to set up shop at ANY time and do a yoga class or even a meditation really changes the game. There are 2 apps in particular that I am currently using and loving!

Balancing Workingout
App Love

Nike Running Club is an app available on both iphone and android, that provides state of the art fitness + wellness right there in your hands.  What I love about Nike Running Club is there really is something for everyone and all fitness levels. Currently Nike is providing its premium subscription for FREE.  This premium service offers on Demand Workouts, multi-week training programs, nutrition tips and more. Whether you want to run, do yoga, lift weights at home or better your overall fitness this app has you covered.

Simple Habit is my go to app for all things meditation and sleep.  Newer to meditation? Dont worry, Simple Habit has tons of guided meditation options that can be tailored as little or as much as you need. I love the sleep meditation and sound options for those nights that I may have trouble getting settled. Simple Habit is free on both iphone and android devices, there is a premium version that unlocks a few more meditations + tools.

Honorable Mentions

I typically rotate my wellness apps out as I discover new ones or as my balancing needs change. There are some that are my die-hard OG’s that I always end up coming back to that are honorable mentions.

InsightTimer– Amazing app for sleep, anxiety and meditation. Similar to Simple Habit, this app is extremely beginner friendly. With tons of options to choose from this app brings a little bit more of community to your meditation practice with live virtual events.

Couch to 5k– A running app that prepares you to run a 5k within 9 weeks. Great app for new runners or even runners who havent ran in a while and want to get back into the swing of things.

Taking Care

Balancing the mind and body through movement is so very important! Taking extra steps to add tools like these on your phone helps to keep you accountable. And like we already established it really removes the excuses. Staying creative in how we take care of ourselves mentally, physically + spiritually, really is us doing ourselves a favor. Continue to do the things that keep your cup full.

What apps or tools are you using to help keep you active?

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