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Water Propagation in 3 Steps

Ok Plant parents, if you are already part of PlantHood then you probably have a good idea of what Propagation is.   If you are newer to this Lifestyle, propagation is taking the cutting of one plant (parent plant) and growing a new plant from the clippings.  Propagation is a good tool to use when shaping or pruning your plants + its an amazing way to grow a whole new plant without spending more money! 

Now while there were lots of positive reasons to propagate I was super nervous about taking those steps on my own. I didn’t like the idea of cutting my plants.  I did the research.  Looked at lots of YouTube videos + read many articles until I felt extremely comfortable taking the steps.

In March, I purchased a Zamioculcas (ZZ Plant) and named her Zoe. Low maintenance, quick growing and fun to look at. She was the 1st plant I ever propagated!  Since I 1st propagated her in May, her little cutting grew roots and was planted in soil. Since then Ive already taken another cutting from her that is still rooting in water as we speak.

General Rules

There are some general rules to abide by when propagating that are normal across the board.  Now while the tips below have worked for me, I highly suggest researching YOUR specific plant on propagation. Just like people, some things work specifically for certain strains, while others dont.

3 Easy Steps
  1. Locate a healthy stem that has a branch and root node.  Clip about 1 inch below the branch/root node using CLEAN shears.
  2. Find a clear container that is either similar in height as clipping or has a lip small enough that the branch can hang off leaving the root node submerged in water. Container or propagation station would work fine.
  3. Find a sunny area (window sill) to sit propagation station or container
  • Propagate from healthy plants when possible 
  • Use clean/sterile plant shears 
  • Change water weekly
  • Clean propagation container weekly 
  • When changing water, rinse roots, avoid touching
  • Avoid touching rootball
  • Plant cutting in soil once roots are at least an 1nch and a 1/2 long, (sometimes I wait until there is a new leaf as well)
  • It is best to propagate your plant during its growing season.   This is so the “Plant Parent” can heal best and gives the cutting the best conditions to root and grow into its own plant
My summer propagation list

The plants that I have propagated this summer:  Fiddle Leaf (2), ZZ Plant (2), Golden Pothos (1), Silver Pothos (1), Monstera Deliciosa (3) and Basil.

Follow these simple steps and you can double the number of plant babies you have in no time!  Now while these steps are pretty universal across most indoor plants I cant stress enough researching your exact plant prior to cutting.  You want to ensure you are clear on the steps needed to give your cutting the best chance of survival.

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