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4 Hacks to Make Healthy Food Tasty

We have spent the last few months really pouring back into ourselves both inside and out. We have done this through movement, healthy eating + pulling tools from our self-care toolkit when we need them.  Now that we are in the last quarter of the year this is not a time to let up off the gas.  Even more so than the beginning portion of the year these last few months can be a bit overwhelming with the Holidays, upcoming Elections, family gatherings and even that tinge of uncertainty that is still in the air.

High Vibrations

Now is a time for ALL of the hacks that help us maintain our high vibration + the best version of ourselves. I don’t know about you, but as we get closer to the holidays I tend to “fall off” the healthy eating wagon. I’m not sure if it is the stress of the holidays, birthdays, the extra baking or maybe it’s a combination of all the above. Whatever the reason, it is harder for me to make healthy food choices in the cooler months.  Here are a few hacks I picked up over the summer that I am carrying over to this last quarter of the year to help me help myself.

The Hacks
  • Seasonal Eating: Sounds pretty simple but there is some truth behind eating produce based on their season.  While technology has given us the opportunity to indulge in various produce year round, it has been scientifically proven food taste completely different when eating in season. Not only does in season produce taste better, but you are eating food at its optimal peak of nutrition. Win Win.
  • Air Fryer or Instant-Pot: Yes convenience is the hack! Part of the “hassle” behind making healthy choices is the actual steps taken to put meals together. Using items like an airfryer, instantpot or even a crockpot can give you back time in your day without taking away the benefits of a solid meal. Benefits with using any of the 3 is the set it and forget it aspect. No more standing over a hot stove for hours to make 1 meal. Utilizing convenience can open doors to meal prep, which a huge time saver when in a pinch during the week.
  • Increase Flavor: Seasonings, Spices and Sauces should be used pretty much every meal.  Healthy food doesn’t mean that its bland or boring. Layer up flavors with things already in your pantry as a way to make your healthy meal tasty.
  • Leftovers are Friends: I wasn’t always a fan of leftovers. The reality is I was tossing good food each week. Alot can be done with leftovers outside of simply reheating.  You can take leftovers and create an entirely new meal. The hack is half the meal is ALREADY cooked!  Add leftovers to broth to make soup, on top of salads, rice, potatoes etc.  The options are really as limitless as your imagination.  Some of the best meals I have created, had a leftover base
Shifting the Narrative

Eating healthy is 100% about providing your body with the fuel it needs to function at its highest possible level. It is easy to get caught up and forget that how we fuel our body is important.  Now while these 4 hacks have helped me through the summer, the main thing that helped me most was a mindset shift on what eating healthy really looked like to me.

I had to come to terms that my “view” of eating healthy wasn’t realistic or healthy at all (the irony).  Healthy eating isn’t just salads, 7-course meals or cooking every single thing from scratch.  Eating healthy is making real time decisions that gives you and your body its best shot.  Take the steps to prepare and have a plan, eliminate real time decisions that are made overwhelmed.

What does eating healthy look like to you these days?

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