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Creating a Space of Peace

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Im all about vibes + energy. There is something to the notion that vibes/energy can be transferred from person to person. The same way people hold energy, so do spaces. Ive been in a super creative mindset lately wanting to add a little razzle dazzle to my home. Adding pieces here and there that bring me joy and removing the things that no longer “fit”.

To me energy can bring on emotions + mindsets that are either positive or negative. If creating the energy in our homes or space is within our control, why wouldn’t we choose to fill it with as much POSITIVITY as possible? Positivity should ignite a sense of calm and peace.

Making a few changes here and there to your space can create positive energy + vibes to help you reclaim your space as a place of peace.

Ok truth moment? I know this sounds butt backwards, especially since we have been home for forever and a day. Truthfully 6 months ago one of my favorite things to do after a day of hustle and bustle was to come and sit in my “space”. The key words in that sentence is probably “hustle and bustle” aka out in these streets from 8am till 8pm most week days. So a space for peace was NEEDED, if ya get what I mean.

Now while we don’t know what will come, or what the new “hustle and bustle” will look like, what we do know is when we come home we want to instantly feel that sigh of relief.  There are a few things that we can do now that follow the 6 senses to “create” space that adds positivity to your home.

peace space

Re-organizing your space with intention can change the entire vibe of the space. Get rid of things that no longer work and take the time to organize your space to provide you the most energy. 

This can be as deep as a full out Feng Shui situation where everything is moved around or as simple as adding more items to the space that brings you happiness. One of the most popular additions to space these days is PLANTS.  Not only do they help clean the air inside of your home, they also have been proven to show amazing mood boosting + stress relieving properties. I re-organized the layout of my home office/studio and the difference in the feel of the room is crazy! It has a more open concept + feels cozy at the same time.


If you grew up with ole school parents like I did, then you may recall your parents keeping the blinds/shutters closed, because “they didn’t want to give the whole neighborhood a show”. Natural light is the thing these days. Everybody wants it and everybody needs it. Tons of good reasons too. It’s free, a MOOD BOOSTER and it can transform any room from dark + gloomy to bright + vibrant instantly. If natural light is not an option, lamps with soft lighting or soft bulbs can also do the trick. One of my favorite areas of my home office/studio is my bookcase. Natural light + plants =instant smile every time!


Aromatherapy is another amazing mood booster and great addition to any space. A smell can instantly transport you in time, in both a positive and a negative way. Adding a diffuser, candle or essential oils in your space that makes you happy can boost your mood with little to no effort at all. I keep various essential oils in my space to use depending on how my day went. I absolutely love using lavender and eucalyptus in my space.


While music would be the obvious thought when thinking of sound, there are other aspects of listening that are extremely calming. Sound Machines are amazing because they provide different options ranging from sounds of nature to white noise. Taking your pick of whatever is needed in that moment of peace. Now while I do love a good sound machine, I am more of a music kinda girl when comes to creating spaces of peace.

If you really think about it, creating a space of peace is all about engaging the senses in a positive way. And truth be told it is 100% about tuning inward with yourself and getting to know what brings you joy on a deeper level. Creating a place that boosts your energy through sight, smell and sound will ensure that you do feel that sense of relief each and every time you enter your space.  We need ALL the good Vibes friend!

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