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Plan a Virtual Happy Hour Today

The weekend is upon us + I am in the mood to socialize! Dont worry, I am not out here in these streets, Covid cases are definately on the rise here in Charlotte + the state is still in Phase 2 for at least another 3 weeks.

For the last few weeks my girl friends and I have been getting together for “check-in” Virtual Happy Hours and it has been a HUGE saving grace for me mentally.  Virtual Happy Hour? Yes Please!  It has been everything that I never knew I needed. 

Now while I’m sure we all understand by the now the importance of social distancing to #flattenthecurve and lessen the spread, doesn’t mean our need to connect with our “tribe” isn’t still there. 

Human interaction is very important, it is a way to release and to connect while being seen + heard. 

Virtual Party Time!

Plan it

Creating a Virtual Happy Hour is really no different than planning a physical one. You and your tribe decide on the date and time. If you want to get fancy or make it feel formal you could ALWAYS send a e-vite to your friends so the the date and time is on their calendar.  I don’t know about you but I love having something to look forward to, so seeing the happy hour on my calendar at the top of the week brings me lots of joy.



Find your favorite drink of choice. The great thing about virtual happy hour is the bar (your home) always has your favorite drinks! During this quarantine I have become a bit of a mixologist trying new things with what I have in the pantry.  I’ve really enjoyed this simple Margarita recipe as of late, it’s perfect for spring


What are drinks without appetizers or snacks? Gather your favorite snacks or even recreate your favorite appetizers. This week I made Fried Pickles with a chipotle mayo dipping sauce + of course Vegan Doughnuts because why not? One of my friends made nachos, what I love is the menu is completely what YOU want.


Use your virtual connection of choice. If it is a one on one call, Facetime or Duo are great options. For those bigger groups, Zoom and Skype are the way to go.

Pro Tip: Dress up for Happy Hour + Brunch! Get dolled up and get ready for a good time that you will not need an uber after 🙂

Virtual Happy Hours are not just limited to snacks and drinks, we have even had virtual Brunches! Yes!  You read that right, brunches! Same concept, way more food! The main idea here is that we are still connecting with our tribe + re-energizing our batteries.

Virtual Happy

Easy Margarita Recipe (1 serving)

-2 parts tequila (I’m a Tito’s girl)

-½ part lemon juice

-½ part simple syrup (basically water+sugar)

– 8 muddled mint leaves

Shake over ice and serve OR blend with ice for a icy margarita

What are some of your favorite Happy Hour Drinks? Any easy appetizers I should add in my rotation?  Comment below so we can share ideas!

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