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Nutrition Dense Smoothie

Over the last few weeks we have talked meditation, getting movement in our body and even cleansing our spaces (externally + internally). As a person that wears many hats, mom, wife, business owner, I know all too well how easy nutrition can get lost in the mix of things especially as survival mode kicks in.

At the start of the year I made a conscious decision that no matter what was going on that I would put my body first. Now did I think that I would need to keep that promise during Covid or Social Injustice, no not at all. However now more than ever I realize the importance of taking care of myself by making sure I nourish myself well.

Now while, getting in the kitchen and cooking delicious and nutritious meals would be ideal, the truth is that isn’t always an option. So how do you add more nutrition to an already packed schedule when you don’t have the time to cook?  SMOOTHIES

Making a smoothie is an easy + fast way to get high quality nutrition with very little effort.  One of the biggest things that I love about smoothies is the ability to really build your own. It is a great way to add protein, fiber and other nutrient dense foods. Whether you use frozen fruits/veggies or fresh, the combinations and flavors are truly endless. 

For the last 2 weeks I have been making the same smoothie for breakfast each morning and I am NOT tired of it yet.  As a person who didn’t use to eat breakfast at all, adding a smoothie first thing in the morning allows me to go on with my morning feeling full and satisfied till lunch. 

Here is my go to morning smoothie (I opt for frozen fruits):

Mango – 1 Cup

Hemp Seed – 1 Tbsp

Banana – 1/2 (sometimes I use whole)

Coconut Water – 1 cup

Sea Moss– 1 Tbsp

Add every thing to a blender and blend till it is the consistency that you like.  Feel free to add more or less coconut water.

With so many responsibilities it is easy to allow our nutrition to slip just a little.  Making a smoothie is an easy fast way to get high quality nutrition with very little effort.  Don’t be afraid of frozen fruits and veggies, they are picked + frozen at their peak ripeness, which means they have plenty of vitamins and minerals compared to fresh.  Depending on what you add, a smoothie can easily become a meal replacement on the go.  

How are you keeping your nutrition up these days?

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