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It’s Picnic Season Baby!

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Depending on where you are located the amount of getting out in these streets now a days can really vary. One thing is for sure regardless of where you live, 2020 continues to prove that we as individuals have to rethink + restructure what we once knew. This means we have to get more creative in how we can enjoy the warmer, sunnier weather of summer.  Let me be the 1st to say WELCOME to Picnic Season, where my two favorite past times have a chance meeting.  Eating + being in nature!


Picnics, as simple as they sound is a GREAT way to get outside + truly enjoy locak parks, green spaces, backyards and honestly it can be fun for the whole family. What I love about picnics is they are a bit unconventional. They can be low-key, a family outing or even a romantic date situation. Just like your favorite jeans, picnics can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the vibe you are looking to create.There are no rules to picnic’in so I have tons of fun making it my own.

Adding a lil’ Razzle Dazzle to Every Day Activities

There are times where we have gotten full meals and camped out in the car at the park while eating.  In other times, I have created a full course, packed it up, just to eat it out on the patio.  Part of the magick of picnic’s is the change of scenery. Looking and experiencing things with fresh eyes.  By human design, we easily get stuck in ruts with the every day routines + rituals. Switching something so “everyday” such as meal time can be super refreshing!

All You Need:

Basic Picnic needs:  Big blanket, location (backyard, living room, park or even your car), some delicious eats + a open mind.

When the weather warms up I instantly begin to crave fresh + bright foods; think fresh fruit, salads and veggies.  I am  also finding myself eating more seasonal this year than any other time before.   I am certain that is due to all the restrictions the last few months have brought, but that’s neither here nor there. There is one recipe in particular that I make for every picnic and its my Simple Quick Batter Blueberry Bread. I love this batter because you can literally add anything at all to it, Blueberries, Bananas, Chocolate Chips, the list is really endless.  Time to get creative friends and add a lil’ Razzle Dazzle to meal time!

How are you getting creative to enjoy the warmer weather?

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