Check + Reset

Ever make this bombass plan, maybe an evening at home, girls trip, vacation, dinner ect, whatever; everything is planned down to the “T” and some random sh*t happens to blow it up. Yea, me too.

It is very easy to allow the frustrations of things not going the way you planned or envisioned get to you. Its also extremely easy to allow setbacks to fluster you or even give you a reason to throw in the towel and give up. But what if you were literally 1 day, 4 weeks, 6 months away from having a completely different outlook?

This week has drug my ass since Monday morning and it doesnt look like its gonna stop draggin me until next Monday lol. In all of this draggation (like what I did there lol) none of it, not a single drop of it was within my control. Do you have any idea how helpless that made me feel? I just knew it was a sign for the Divine Universe (or whoever is upstairs) telling me that I needed to abort mission, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Its almost laughable how quickly and how easy self doubt talk seeps right in. Its like that Ex boyfriend that has that 6th sense you are happy so he comes around on some F*ckboy Sh*t messing everything up again.

I will never lie to you, I was feeling pretty defeated on Monday. I questioned every single dream board and goal workbook that I have been adding things to over the last 2 years and was really about to walk away from it all. Over something that HAD NOTHING to do with me and was NOT within my control. How crazy is that? Oh trust me, I know how crazy it is.

The brain is a muscle just like any other muscle in the body and must be trained. We have to self correct the negative self talk when it rears its ugly head. Any time I start to feel myself sink into the negative self talk or the ole whoa is me routine I take a few steps to recenter and reground myself.

1.BREATH: Ok, sounds redundant but guess what? There are alot of people walking around here breathing shallow as f*ck, with their hearts racing. When in the last time you really sat and focused on taking a nice big deep breath in, pausing for a second and letting that ish go?

2. DANCE/MUSIC: Corny I know, but I love some music and nothing can change my mood better than some good music I can dance or sing my heart out to. Right now my go 2 is two extremes: The Greatest Showman album or Cuz I love You by Lizzo. Either one of those albums can turn my day completely around. Find the music that speaks to you and dance that sh*t out!

3. MEDITATE: This one can actually combo with #1 in the breath department. It doesn’t have to be a great deal of time, 5 min of your day of silence and re-centering can make the world of difference.

In life there will be bumps in the road and things no matter how much you plan will not go as you planned. You know what, thats ok. What matters the most is that we are kind to ourselves and we continue to bet on ourselves as we stand tall and push forward. The easiest thing to do is to be defeated and allow ourselves to be the one to beat us down. In the the words of Arya Stark “Not Today”.

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