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Anti- Aging Skin Habits

That Wont Break the Bank

Unless you are new here, then you already know self care is one of my ESSENTIAL non-negotiable acts that I do for myself on a daily basis. For me self care and skin care go hand in hand. So taking care of my skin is a huge priority for me. Regardless if its self care or skin care, I am all about doing the things that help my cup stay full + treating my body right.

Lately I have been on a major skin care overhaul and I realized that it is super easy to get caught up in the product hype and over purchase. Similar to hair products, there are TONS and TONS of creams, serums, and rubs all promising the fountain of youth + beautiful skin.

Knowing what to buy can get overwhelming, not to mention these products typically are not on the cheaper side. So that adds a level of stress in itself. No one wants to spend big money on a products that does not work for them.

In a way to sorta help me help myself (while also helping my pockets) I have began to incorporate a few life long habits into my normal routine to boost my skincare. Fair warning these habits are not a quick fix or fix all, but are things that I am now actively doing along with my normal skin care routine.

Protecting the Skin

The simplest + easiest habit that I have been guilty of not doing for far too long is wearing sunscreen everyday. I don’t know where this false news that we only needed to worry about sunscreen when going to the beach came from, but I am done with it. You know what they say, when you know better you do better. WE ALL should be wearing sunscreen DAILY at this point, because we ALL know better. No matter how you slice it, sun exposure causes premature aging.

Exposure begins to break down the collagen in the skin, which if you don’t care about collagen now, trust ya girl and live a little longer. Caring about collagen WILL be in your future. The good thing is many foundations + moisturizers now a days have added sunscreen into their formulas. Using a SPF of at least 15 for everyday wear is ideal. Be sure to definitely bump your SPF up if you are spending extended hours outside. Don’t loose precious collagen off of basic sun exposure my friend.

Working inside out

Acknowledging the fact that what you put inside your body is JUST as in important as what you put on your body/face, healthy skin starts from the inside out. Hydration is a step that is simple but is also often under appreciated and skipped. The body has major ties to water as a great bit of it is composed of liquid. When we are not hydrated enough not only does this effect how our body functions, but it is also apparent in our skin. The same way we should moisturize our skin, we have to moisturize the insides of our body by staying hydrated.

The Sugar

Being mindful of sugar intake is another useful weapon in fighting aging. As delicious and flavorful as sugary drinks, snacks and foods are they are also an enemy to skin elasticity. Skin elasticity is important because it is the ability of your skin to stretch + return back to normal. When sugar breaks down it attaches to protein molecules in a process called glycation. This process over time lessens and lessens our skins ability to just snap back.

We go together

Being mindful of sugar intake goes hand in hand with weight fluctuation. The more our weight fluctuates, our skin adjusts to stretch to meet our bodies new expectations. As our weight changes drastically this takes a great toll on our skin as we lose elasticity. I definitely still indulge in tasty sweet treats, because what’s life without a little treat. Also if you follow my Instagram you know I am no stranger to whipping up some yummy treats each week. Now while I do NOT deny myself a treat, I am super mindful of what I am eating. Because I don’t deny myself treats, I tend to not over indulge. There is a difference in having 3 Oreos vs. a sleeve of Oreos, get what I mean?


Ill be the first to admit, I mean business when it comes to getting rest. I have no shame in listening to my body when it is telling me that it is tired. It is an added bonus that having proper rest is anti-aging. Each night when we sleep, it is our bodies time to shine. While we sleep our body goes into repair and restore mode. The skin is able to renew itself.


While getting older is in fact a huge gift, no one wants to look older before they have to! Do yourself a favor and protect your skin and take the steps NOW in anti-aging prevention verses waiting till later. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say that they regretted taking care of their skin 🙂

What anti-aging tricks are you using these days?

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