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Somebody Say Doughnut?

As we close this week of posting of the consistency challenge, I want to be honest about 2 things + how I have been spending my time lately.

So these days you can find me either cooking up snacks in the kitchen or purchasing new plants for my home. I like to think of it as me beautifying both the inside of my body while beautifying my home 🤷🏾‍♀️. Either way we are eating good and the air quality is sublime!

If you follow my socials then you know that I was completely INFLUENCED by this amazing Plant Based chef Brianna when she made some delicious looking Vegan Doughnuts on her stories. A little back story. I have been plant based since 2016 and one thing that I miss so much is a good doughnut.

Now dont get me wrong, there are plenty of local plant based bakeries and options that I have tried, but nothing has ever come close to a good ole Krispy Kreme doughnut.

Fast forward to this week + me being completely influenced. I recreated Brianna’s doughnuts and WOW. They are EVERYTHING + Im not just saying that. I received lots of comments and questions on how I made them and thought, well sharing is caring! All you need is just 4 ingredients for the most basic Cinnamon Sugar doughnut.

What I love about this recipe is not only is it quick, but it is freakishly EASY. Let me go ahead and warn you. These are DANGEROUS, they are just that easy. I used Annie’s brand flakey biscuits and let my imagination run wild by even adding a chocolate doughnut to the mix.

Vegan Donuts

Easy no fuss plant based donuts the whole family will love

  • 1 Can Annie's Organic Flaky Biscuits ()
  • 3 tbsp Sugar
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon
  • Cooking Oil
  • Powdered Sugar
  1. Open can of biscuits and place them on your pan, (I like to flatten them a little bit so they are all about the same height). Using something circular remove the center of the biscuit, but do NOT throw out the centers because they can be fried as Doughnut Holes

  2. Begin to heat your cooking oil, (I used vegetable oil) you want your oil to reach the temperature of 350F

  3. While oil is heating you can mix your sugar and cinnamon in a bowl using whatever ratio you prefer. I did a 2:1 but feel free to add more or less

  4. If creating a glaze, now is the time to do that as well. Add powdered sugar to a different bowl and slowly add warm water to create the glaze. The thickness is controlled by the amount of water, you do want the glaze to be a little runny so it goes all over the donut easily.

  5. Start with donut holes 1st and begin dropping into the oil once the oil is at 350. Be sure to move the holes around so that each side is cooked, this should only take a few min

  6. Remove the holes from the oil to a paper towel for about 30 seconds then dip in either Cinnamon Sugar Mix or glazed mix

  7. Repeat the same steps for the donuts, be sure not to over crowd your pan and work in batches. Flip the donuts over to be sure to fry both sides.

  8. If using glaze, this would be the time to go in for a 2nd dip

If you would like to create a chocolate topping, begin melting chocolate chips in a bowl in 15 sec intervals mixing in-between.  Dip doughnut or holes into the chocolate after allowing them to sit 30 seconds out of the oil. 


For a thicker glazed doughnut, dip at least 2-3 times allowing the doughnut to “set” between each dip.

Notes: This would also work Im sure with non plant based biscuits. Just make sure they are Flakey. These taste the very best the day you make them. Toppings are up to you, chocolate, cinnamon sugar, powdered + glazed.

Im always in the market for making new snacks, what are you go to snacks these days? Also dont say I didnt warn you about these 🤪🤪🤪

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