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Mask got you Chapped? DIY Lip Scrub

As we move into cooler months you might notice your lips getting a little bit more chapped than usual. If you are anything like me, then you probably have gone through tons of chapstick, gloss and lip ointment since covid started.

Before mask became mandatory pretty much everywhere outside of the house, I prided myself on taking really good care of my skin + lips. Having a good routine pretty much sets the foundation of how our skin ages. This is no different with the skin around the eyes, our hands and especially our lips. Let’s face it, skin care routines are like lifelines 🤷🏾‍♀️.

Ok, so genetics + lifestyle can definitely play a major role, HOWEVER taking the steps + having a routine is a must. We are way past just relying on good “genes”, am I right? And honestly taking steps towards taking care of ourselves really shouldn’t start when we are “older”. The same way its a good idea to start saving early its a great idea to start taking care of all things skin!

Why is it important

Similar to exfoliating the skin, lip scrubs are used to remove dead and dry skin while stimulating healthy skin growth. The obvious benefit is softer lips, but regular use of lips scrubs can help the lips retain moisture over time. And since mask are now the new normal, conditioning the lips is needed now more than ever.

Adding a good lip scrub to your daily routine can be beneficial in fighting back against dryness that frequent mask use can cause. Lip scrubs can be purchased literally anywhere that you can purchase any other lip products. But who really wants to add extra purchases right now? I know I dont! I am a mission to save as much as possible.

Often times when purchasing over the counter lip scubs, the prices are not only inflated but there are a ton of extra weird ingredients added.

Lately I have been creating my own Lip Scrub to add more nourishment to my lips + help me lock in moisture.

DIY Brown Sugar Scrub
lip scrub

1 tsp Coconut Oil
3 Tbs Brown Sugar (can use white granulated sugar or 2:1 ratio)
1/2 tsp Honey
1/4 tsp Vanilla Extract

  1. Mix everything in the bowl minus the extract until well combined.
  2. Add extract + mix a little more.
  3. Place mixture in a small container with lid.
Important mentions

Similar to exfoliating the face, we shouldn’t over exfoliate the lips. Depending on the dryness or chappedness of your lips you may want to start off with just 1x a week. From there you can move up to twice a week for store bought scrubs. DIY scrubs like the one above can be done every day. If the lips are cracked, avoid lip scrubs altogether.

You can create your own DIY scrub easily at home! All you need is a good moisture base like coconut oil, a humectant like honey to help lock in moisture and an exfoliant like sugar to remove the dead skin.

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